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What is Sexual Intelligence?

With all the various types of intelligences out there in the world, there is one that I’m particularly keen to and that is sexual intelligence. Although I never framed it as sexual intelligence, essentially the keys to having a healthy sexuality lie in education, exploration and examination. It is the education of whatever it is that you are in sexually interested in, exploration of the activity that you want to happen and then finally examining your emotions and how your body felt to further determine if that’s a particular activity for you.

After reading Dr. Marty Klein’s book, Sexual Intelligence (2012), he tells of his three components of Sexual Intelligence (p. 55):

  1. Information & knowledge – thinking about your fantasies, experiences and preferences, knowing yourself and your partner’s body and how it will act over time

  2. Emotional skills (which let you use that knowledge) – nobody wants to be involved with someone who is rude, self-involved, scared of closeness and a terrible listener?

  3. Body awareness and comfort (which let you express yourself and your knowledge) – vehicle attunement and enhancing the body’s tolerance for pleasure and intensity

In his book, he gives plenty of examples of the clients that he’s had over the past 30 years and how they have sexually related to each other. Basically, when you have sexual intelligence, you will start to truly enjoy your sex life and all the sexual experiences you may have. He breaks it down by each of these 3 components and helps you to understand all the different aspects of these categories. In essence, it’s about having emotional intelligence intertwined with knowledge and exploration around various sexual experiences.

I will be coming out with a book soon titled, The New Laws of Attraction: The Ultimate Guide To Total Seduction, which will feature more about Sexual Intelligence and how to use it in your daily life. In the meantime, check out Dr. Klein’s book!


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