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1/28/19 - Netflix's Trigger Warning with Killer Mike

7/3/17 – VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

2013 – Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club Atlanta

Filmed (but did not air)

Personal Injury Court as a Sex Expert


About That Cookie (2018)

The Goddess Project (2018)

Black./Womyn.:Conversations with Lesbians of African Descent (2008)

Honorable Mentions & Notable Quotes


9/27/21 - Glamour's The Best Sex Toys for Squirting, Whether You're a Newbie or a Pro

8/24/21 - Yahoo Life's "Ruined Orgasms" Is a New Way to Tease Your Partner—Here's How to Give One

8/6/21 - O.School's What is An Open Relationship?

7/16/21 - HelloGiggles' How to Travel With a Vibrator Without Getting Caught

7/1/21 - Health's 8 Romantic Sex Positions That Will Bring You Closer to Your Partner

6/26/21 - MindBodyGreen's 16 Signs Of Sexual Tension & How To Build It When You Want It

6/24/21 - Well+Good's The 5 Best Sex Positions for People Who Love Cuddling

6/12/21 - Women's Health How To Explore Your Sexuality In A Personal And Fulfilling Way, According To Sex Experts

6/11/21 - Cosmo's 13 Best Pillows For Sex

6/9/21 - Well+Good's This Thrusting Vibrator Adds Serious Sensation to Penetrative Play With 850 Thrusts per Minute

6/4/21 - Cosmo's Blow Job

4/3/21 - Well + Good's I’m a Sexologist, and Here’s Why It’s Just a Myth That Longer Sex Equals Better Sex

3/25/21 - Men's Health We're in the Golden Age of Sex Technology

3/21/21 - MindBodyGreen's What Is Fluid Bonding & When Is It Safe For A Couple To Do It?

3/19/21 - Glamour's These Sex Pillows Are Designed to Make Any Position Hotter—And More Comfortable

3/19/21 - Ebony's Black Women Sex Educators Are Changing Lives

3/17/21 - Cosmo's 5 Sex Positions for Mother's Day, Because Moms Need to Have Good Sex Too

3/11/21 - Marla Renee Stewart: “Be honest with yourself and work on your own self-awareness”

3/10/21 - Health's Rough Sex: What It Is, Why Some People Enjoy It, and How to Do It Safely

2/26/21 - Bustle's How To Use A Partner Toy For The First Time

2/24/21 - Cosmopolitan's 5 Spring Sex Positions That Will Get Your Sex Life Blooming

2/23/21 - Black Leaders in the Sex Positive Community

2/19/21 - Cosmopolitan's Skoliosexual

2/12/21 - Well+Good's 7 Vibrators With Apps That Really Level Up That Mind-Body Connection

2/3/21 - New York Magazine's Best Sex Toy Cleaners

1/17/21 - Authority Magazine's Marla Renee Stewart of Velvet Lips: 5 Things Anyone Can Do To Optimize Their Mental Wellness

12/23/20 - Men's Health Here's How to Define the Relationship (DTR) with the Person You're Dating

12/16/20 - Healthline's Virtual Sex Shouldn’t Be Limited to a Phone or Video Call — Try This Instead

12/14/20 - Men's Health's You Want to Date Your Best Friend. But Should You?

12/1/20 - Well+Good's 9 Sexual Wellness Gift Boxes To Help Everyone Come Into 2021 Strong

12/10/20 - Well + Good's Pleasure Experts Name Their 7 Favorite Sex Toys for Giving (and Receiving) the Gift of Orgasm

11/23/20 - Refinery29's Is Your Relationship Ready for Thanksgiving?

11/6/20 - Health & Medical Review's When You’re Queer, What Does It Mean To Lose Your Virginity? – The Very Thought Of It!

11/4/20 - Well+Good's 6 Ways To Bring Sexy New Relationship Energy Into Your Long-Term Partnership

10/30/20 - Refinery29's Zombieing Is The Dating Trend That’s Spookier Than Ghosting

10/29/20 - Cosmopolitan's Here’s How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm

10/21/20 - Mind Body Green's The Hands-Free Orgasm: 25 Ways To Reach Orgasm Without Using Your Hands

10/20/20 - Refinery29's A Sexpert's Guide to Toys That Make Unforgettable Gifts

9/24/20 - Bustle's 7 Sex Positions For When You Need An Energy Boost

8/20/20 - Shape's What Bisexuality Means, Doesn't Mean, and How to Know If You're Bi

7/29/20 - Cosmopolitan's 25 Best Ways to Experience the Best Car Sex of Your Life

7/28/20 - New York Magazine's What's the Best Vibrator?

7/28/20 - Naughty's 10 Household Items You Can Use During Sex

7/28/20 - Bustle's Sex Experts Explain Everything You Need To Know About Feminist Porn

6/17/20 - Urbasm's Sex, Seduction, and Insights with Dr. Jess and Marla

3/18/20 – Inside Hook’s It’s Time To Rediscover the Lost Art of Phone Sex

3/2/20 – Lotus Bloom’s 12 Black Sex Educators Who Are Blazing Sex-Positive Trails

1/28/20 – Mind Body Green’s A Full Guide To Vagina Piercings: Risks, Benefits, Photos & More

12/20/19 – Ask Men’s Engaging in Choking During Sex That’s Consensual and Pleasurable

11/13/19 – Blood + Milk’s A Sex Educator’s Guide to Squirting

7/17/19 – Elite Daily’s If Sex With A Friend Made Things Awkward Between You, Here's How To Talk About It

5/20/19 – Bon Appetit Magazine: Adrienne Maree Brown on Why Joy Is a Form of Resistance

3/13/19 – Chronicles, Too!: Classy Living Society

1/28/19 – Sex w/ Dr. Jess Blog: Sexuality Superheroes: Marla Renee Stewart, MA

2/21/18 – Voyage ATL

10/13/16 – Ebony’s ‘Sex Down South’ Conference Aims to Make Act Less Taboo

2/11/16 – Georgia State Signal’s Establishing sexual empowerment: Hands-on intimacy experience at Velvet Lips

2/2/16 – Ebony’s Sex: The Synergistic Energy eXchange

10/15/15 – Creative Loafing’s Sex Down South Hits ATL

6/2/15 – Project Q Atlanta’s You can help Atlanta go down on queer sex

2/4/15 – Mic’s There's a Big Problem With Polyamory That Nobody's Talking About

1/30/14 – Georgia Voice’s Atlanta’s ‘Velvet Lips’ in business to ensure pleasure for lesbians, all people



Fenway Institute & Brigham & Women's Hospital

Intimacy: LGBTQIA+ Connection and COVID-19

The Boston HIV Research Clinical Trials Unit (Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and The Fenway Institute) will be hosting a virtual panel to discuss the LGBTQIA+ community’s historical and current relationship to intimacy in its many forms. We will explore themes of sex, dating and emotional vulnerability during    COVID-19.

Moderator: Adrianna Boulin

Panelists: Joan Ilacqua, Marla Renee Stewart, MA, Allyssa Prutzman, Ramona Mirage


Ropecraft's Homebound Halloween

Tangled: Asian American Women and Rope Communities

The BIPOC experience in kink subcultures is often fraught and their voices and experiences often go unheard – even when they’ve been shouting it out loud. What are people’s experiences? By listening to personal stories, and the personal histories of our communities, we can strengthen our culture through empathy, connection, and dialogue.  

In this panel let’s listen deeply. Listen the experience of these three Asian American women share their journey in rope and kink. They do not represent or stand for the entirety of Asian American women. What they share will be their personal truth. From their stories, we might open our hearts to hear the stories of so many who often go unheard.

We seek to give platform and voice to three significant contributors to rope community and kink culture today; Madame Butterfly, a BDSM Educator who created a vibrant shared learning culture in San Francisco early on and is known for her hand spun silk ropes, Midori, founder of Rope Dojo (R) and author of the first English shibari instruction book “Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage”  and Kim Lee, up and coming talent in Rope Performance and Education and Pro Domme.

Our invited guest moderator is Marla Renee Stewart, a sexologist,  University lecturer, coach, and co-founder of the Atlanta-based Sex Down South Conference. She also facilitates the Race and Kink series. We look forward to an afternoon of listening to our panelists and learning more about how we can engage with this hobby we love in a way that is humanistic to all participants with respect and appreciation for the cultural context that created it.

Moderator: Marla Renee Stewart, MA

Panelists: Madame Butterfly, Midori, & Kim Lee


Multicultural AIDS Coalition @ Online

Conversations on COVID-19 & Black Communities: COVID-19 Sex Chronicles

The Multicultural AIDS Coalition, Black AIDS Institute, House of Blahnik, Harvard University CFAR, and Southern AIDS Coalition are partnering to host a webinar series focused on Black communities and COVID-19. This is a space for Black people to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on our families and communities. A multi-level, innovation response is needed to address the complex impact that COVID-19 is having on the well-being of Black lives. Recognizing the resilience in Black communities is critical to begin discussing how Black people can and are developing and implementing strategies addressing COVID-19 and other health issues in our community. As HIV advocates, researchers and providers, we bring a unique perspective and conversations will build on our experiences addressing HIV in Black communities.

COVID-19 Sex Chronicles: Will SEX Ever Be The Same? People are still doing it - main partner, casual hookup or sex work. How do we stay safe? It’s time to talk about sex.

Moderator: Chioma Nnaji, Program Director

Panelists: David Malebranche, MD, PhD, Marla Renee Stewart, MA, & Toni-Michelle Williams



A Day for Mental Health and Wellness


Dope Girls Zine presents Pleasantville @ Plaza Atlanta

Abortion Access & Sex Education

We're joining forces with the historic Plaza Atlanta to screen this 1998 classic! Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon star as horny teens that somehow end up in a drab 1950s television world where things may not actually be as peachy keen as they seem. It's a crucial time to be talking about reproductive health, y'all. Before that, there's a 30-minute panel during which we'll discuss sex education in the American South, birth control, abortion access, and so much more. 

Moderator: Becca Grimm

Panelists: Marla Stewart, Laura Simmons, Zoë Julian, MD, MPH


Spelman Museum @ Spelman College

#SpelZanelePRIDE w/ Lyrispect

You’re invited to an afternoon of poetic proportions featuring an original performance by award winning lyricist and activist, Lyrispect. Inspired by Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness, Lyrispect will moderate a panel to address questions and concerns surrounding the sexuality, spirituality, and visibility of LGBTQI women of the African Diaspora.

Host: Nina “Lyrispect” Ball

Panelists: Beverly Guy Sheftall, Ph.D., Marla Renee Stewart, MA, Latishia A.V. James, M.Div.



Carnal Theory

Group Sex 101 with Marla Renee Stewart

Ever wondered if group sex is right for you? This episode is the perfect entryway for those who have always been curious about the practical side of multi-partnered sex. In it, Amanda speaks to sex educator marla renee stewart about the hows and whys of threesomes, orgies and beyond, while breaking down the stigmas often associated with this side of sex and sexuality.


BeReal Podcast

Ep. 053 – Black Woman Be Whole Takeover with Marla Renee Stewart

Welcome back to the Black Woman Be Whole takeover on BeREAL! On the penultimate episode of this takeover, Ednesha, Kim, and Marquia are joined by Marla Renee Stewart to discuss sexuality, kink, and sexual confidence in Black women. Good thing Diana isn’t here this week (there’s a lot of “applesauce” talk)!


Bringing Intimacy Back w/ Dr. April & Kelly

Episode #48 Building Self Confidences, Love Handles, and All! With Marla Stewart (Velvet Lips)

We discuss sexual and body confidence and how you can embrace your own confidence.


51 First Dates Podcast

Unlearning Sexual Misconceptions with Sexual Strategist MARLA RENEE STEWART

This week, Kimmy and Liza chat with MARLA RENEE STEWART, Sexologist, professional sex/intimacy/relationship coach, sexuality educator, sexual strategist, and author of 'The Ultimate Guide to Foreplay and Seduction' They discuss what it means to be a sexual strategist, how to unlearn some of your sexual misconceptions, how to get started with sex toys, what to do if porn isn't stimulating, and the deal with pubes. 


Honeydew Me Podcast

Ep.020 Seduction and Foreplay with Marla Renee Stewart

Are you INCREDIBLE at foreplay? A master of seduction? No? Us either… but not to worry, your sex life is about to get a major upgrade with the help of one Marla Renee Stewart. Marla is a sexologist, sex strategist, and pleasure activist with a special talent for communication and seduction. In this episode, we talk about discovering your seduction style, finding spicy ways to initiate sex (because let's be honest "wanna have sex" isn't cutting it anymore), and how to get out of that damn foreplay rut. Hope your ready to become the badass seductress you've always wanted to be, because this episode is your first step!


The Erotic Philosopher

Seduction, Orgasms & Sex Down South with Marla Renee Stewart

Discussion of seduction, why orgasms are important and the sex conference Sex Down South.


Learn to Love w/ Zach Beach

Ep34: Keeping Your Sex Life Alive w/ Marla Renee Stewart

How can we feel more empowered in exploring our sexual desires? If our sex life is dead, how can we bring it back alive? How do we keep passion alive in the long term? 


Glow West Podcast

The Art of Flirting: Ep39

Joining Caroline this week is sex educator Marla Stewart who is here to chat to us about the art of flirting. Marla gives advice on how to increase your confidence before and during flirting, and how to increase your chances of success when sliding into DMs. Practice for when we can flirt with strangers in bars again!


Soul Saturations, The Podcast with Kendall Merritt

Episode 6: Sex and Seduction with Marla Renee Stewart

Marla Renee Stewart and I discuss her studies and experience of 20 years of Sex and Seduction…How does Sexual Liberation in marginalized communities affect how people show up in the world? How does intersectionality and interdisciplinary theoretical and political frameworks influence sexual education? How does Sex Down South bring together all of different communities in such an inclusive world? How can we arm ourselves with information to lead successful and sexually liberated lives? What does it mean to be a black person in non-monogamous, swinger, and kinkster communities? What are some of the high level definitions of: sex workers, polyamorists and open relationships, queer folks, trans folks, non-binary? How has queer language invaded hetero-normativity? Why is it important for you to expand your education and understanding of sexuality? Why is finding a sex educator, therapist, or coach helpful to shift shame and unpack your sexuality? Why does knowing who you are in your full authentic truth impact your sex life?


Meta Kink Podcast

The Future of Kink Conferences w/ Marla Renee Stewart

Eventually we’ll be able to gather in large groups again, and when that time comes kinksters are going to be very ready to get back to classes, play dates, and public dungeons. The popularity of kink conferences was soaring before the pandemic hit, with large and small events happening around the US and the world. Marla Renee Stewart, a sexologist and Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference, will be joining us to discuss how Covid-19, the #MeToo conversation, and the Black Lives Matter movement will impact the future of kink conferences.


Trust & Thrive w/ Tara Mont

E94: Seduction & Intimacy w/ Dr. Jessica O'Reilly & Marla Renee Stewart

Discussion of The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay


American Sex w/ Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

Ep138: Flirting, Seduction, & Foreplay w/ Marla Renee Stewart

On episode 138 of American Sex Podcast Marla Renee Stewart teaches us the art of teasing and pleasing. Learn about seduction learning styles, which are kind of like love languages for flirting, and how to use them to wow your partners. We talk about why determining consent style is key when flirting with new partners, how to flirt using technology during this time of social distancing, how folks that have trouble reading nonverbal cues can flirt effectively, why it’s important to plant sex seeds, plus what foreplay is and isn’t. We also explore how cultural and generational differences affect our flirting styles plus Marla teaches some advanced flirting and seduction skills.


Is Our Love______?

Is Our Love Sex Down South?

This week we're joined by southern sexuality superhuman Marla Stewart, whose impressive body of work speaks for itself. Co-founder of the Sex Down South conference, Marla is already making history and a forging new educated era in sex and sexuality. Plus... she loves an uncomfortable conversation as much as we do. From strip club culture to pop culture we discuss how history and geographical location influences cultural upbringing. Oh, and we take a highly academic lens to the impact and significance of WAP.


The Lovers' Lounge w/ Teena Love

Ep59 featuring Sexologist & Sex Coach Marla Renee Stewart

Sexologist and Sex Coach Marla Renee Stewart discusses how she landed in the line of work that she does, how she helps couples and individuals overcome issues involving their sexual dysfunctions such as low libido, mismatched sex drives, low desire and etc. She talks about her company "velvet Lips" and her conference, "Sex Down South!" She gives details of her conference and how couples and individuals can attend.


Ready For Love Radio

Velvet Lips Sexual Education with Marla Renee Stewart

In this show I will interview and have a lively conversation with Marla Renee Stewart. She’s a sex educator, a professional sexologist and a sex coach. She’s the founder of Velvet Lips Sexual Education and the co-founder of the Sex Down South Conference. She is also the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay. We’ll talk about all these things and more. Check below and I’ll give more details about these things and about Marla.


American Sex w/ Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

Ep136: Race & BDSM w/ Luna Matatas & Marla Renee Stewart

On episode 136 of American Sex Podcast, we talk about the intersection of race and kink with Luna Matatas and Marla Renee Stewart. Learn how casual and not so casual racism shows up in structural, cultural, and interpersonal contexts in the BDSM scene; if and when the labels Master/slave are appropriate; and if race play is taboo in all contexts. We discuss the hypocrisy of claiming kink spaces are no place for political or racial discussions while appropriating oppressive power dynamics for personal enjoyment, things allies can do to make these communities more welcome to all, and more.


Project Blacck

Ask & You Shall Receive - The Big O

In honor of National Orgasm Day (July 31st, 2020), we invited our guest speaker Marla Renee Stewart, MA.  Marla is a sexologist and a sex coach who runs her own sexuality education company, Velvet Lips and is also a Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference. She also co-wrote her first book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly. In this weeks discussion we talked about all things pertaining to orgasms, sex and sexuality. We also talked about the intersections of race and gender and the importance of decolonizing the limiting messages we learned about pleasure and intimacy.


Hear to Slay w/ Roxanne Gay and Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom

S2, Ep4: The Other Essentials

Beyond the grocery clerk and healthcare worker, have you thought about who else might be essential during a pandemic? This week, Roxane and Tressie speak to a sex educator, brand strategist turned cook, and a harm reduction coordinator about how the coronavirus crisis and fight for Black lives is shaping their work now more than ever. And later in the episode, because we could all use some joy, we've rounded up a few of our favorite viral clips to brighten your day.


Sex Talk w/ Erika Miley

Seduction Mindfulness & Identities ft. Dr. Jess O'Reilly & Marla Stewart

Hey, folks! We have an extra special treat for you with this episode. I'm talking to two fabulous ladies and amazing sexologists, Dr. Jess O'Reilly and Ms. Marla Stewart. They're on the show with me to discuss their co-written book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay, and what that means for all sexual beings of the world. Join us!


Sex Ed w/ DB

Seduction & Eroticism w/ Dr. Jess & Marla

In this tenth episode of Sex Ed with DB, Season 4, DB gets to know Dr. Jess O’Reilly and Marla Stewart, co-authors of the new book “The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay: Techniques and Strategies for Mind-Blowing Sex.”


Intellectual Erection

Marla Renee Stewart is an Intersectional Sexologist

On this episode I speak with Marla Renee Stewart about the broad range of sex positive work she does in sex education, writing, conferences, therapy, media, and advocacy. Marla’s resume is far too long to list here or to even cover meaningfully in the podcast, but we do dive into key sections of her work on sex education, writing, conferences, lecturing, and how intersectionality plays a role in all of her work. Marla discusses the work that she does with joy and passion, elaborating on her early inspirations and the continued meaning that is revealed in her efforts to enable intersectionality in the sex positive communities. We also discuss how her work has been impacted by COVID-19 and the resurgence of Black Lives Matter movement.


Normalizing Non-Monogamy

Ep132: Marla Renee Stewart

Marla's story and message are incredible, you do not want to skip this episode. 


Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino
Marla Renee Stewart on Sex Skills, Learning Styles, and How To Get Better At Seducing Yourself

Sex educator & author Marla Renee Stewart returns to the show to talk about her new book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay, co-written with Dr. Jess. This interview continues the conversation on seduction and building your sex skills by examining your learning style and figuring out how to seduce yourself.



Sex Positive Me

E100: The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay Book

We have the honor to chat with Jess O’Reilly & Marla Renee Stewart about their new book “The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay” We discuss the reason for writing the book as well as the juicy contents in the book. Not only you learn how to seduce your partner sexually, but you will also learn that some of the information can be applied in a non-sexual way. The book is written for anyone in any type of relationship. Solo, partner, vanilla, or kinky. There is something for everyone in the book. It can be an erotic book as some of the examples and stories really can get your juices flowing.


Why Choose One?

38 - Interview with Marla Stewart

She is the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay, the co-founder of Sex Down South, and a sexologist for 20 years.  This human is fire!



Sexpert Corner w/ Marla Renee Stewart: All About Anal

Tyomi and Marla discuss anal tips and tricks!



Ep5: To All the Girls We've Loved Before

After we take a trip down memory lane, we invite Marla Stewart of VH1, Oxygen, and to come on and dive deep into the life of a Sexologist. Take notes ladies and gentlemen, this is gonna be a good one.


Dating With Gina
Seduction, Foreplay & Other Musings

This week Gina sits down with two sexologists, Jessica and Marla, and they dive deep into matters of seduction, foreplay, and other musings (like which vibrator is the best one on the market right now). 

Jessica O'Reilly (Dr. Jess) is a sexologist, international speaker and television personality with a PhD in sexual health education. Marla Renee Stewart, MA is a sexologist and a sex coach whoruns her own sexuality education company, Velvet Lips. She is also a Co Founder of the Sex Down South Conference and the Sexual Liberation Collective.

They co-wrote a book The Ultimate Guide to Seduction &Foreplay which is out on now, wherever books are sold! 


Sexology Podcast w/ Dr. Moali

Got Pervertables? Yes, You Do! with Marla Renee Stewart

In This Episode You Will Hear: 

  • What is a pervertable?

  • Incorporating everyday items into your sex life

  • Which items work and don’t work for anal pleasure

  • Being more creative sexually whilst on lockdown

  • Using music to enhance your sexual pleasure

  • Learning to bring the sense of adventure to your home

  • Cultivating sexual confidence

  • Overcoming layers of shame and guilt that might be getting in the way

  • How you can up level your sexual pleasure even if it’s a good level

  • Tips & techniques for improving virtual sex


SDC w/ Lexi Sylver

How to Seduce Your Lover

What is seduction really all about? How can you discover the best ways to seduce your partner? Host Lexi Sylver invites Marla Renee Stewart, MA and Dr. Jessica O’Reilly to talk about seduction and their new book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay. They discuss what seduction is really all about, and how seduction skills are key to becoming a great lover. Marla shares a few tips to discovering what kind of seduction styles will work best on your partner(s), and how learning these skills can make you a more confident lover. Dr. Jess talks about how the core erotic feelings behind someone’s desires can help us understand what your partner wants sexually and how they want to be seduced. They also explore how to communicate your fantasies to your partner, and how technology can help you seduce your partners and explore your fantasies.


Shameless Sex

#156 Seduction And Foreplay - With Marla Renee Stewart

Tune in to learn the latest tips and tricks on seduction and foreplay. 

We also answer a sex question: I pleasure my partner but they rarely reciprocate.


The Black Jezebel Podcast

Sex Down South 2020 w/ Tia Marie & Marla Stewart

I know yall remember the ranting and raving from my 1st experience at Sex Down South 2019. I had such an amazing time I even did an entire episode on my experience, which you definitely want to make sure you hear that episode. This episode I am speaking with the founders of the Sex Down South Conference, Tia Maria and Marla Renee Stewart. The sex educators, sex enthusiast, and everything Black Girl Magic share everything you want to know about the conference from how it started, to some of their best and sexiest moments. You do not want to miss this! We are even dropping some gems on hot new sexy additions that attendees can expect this year. 

The black Jezebel podcast will be presenting a workshop at Sex Down South Conference 2020 in Atlanta, GA September 10-12, 2020 and am so excited for all of you to experience this amazing Black sex experience with me. 

To receive $20 off of your conference registration ticket use CODE: JezebelSDS at checkout. 


@blackbettiee Tia Maria



ATL Rant

The Sex Talk with Sexpert Marla Stewart of Velvet Lips and Sex Down South

The Sex Talk things your mother never told you.


Feminine Fire Podcast

The Ultimate Guide to Seduction w/ Marla Renee Stewart & Dr. Jessica O'Reilly

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • How to learn your own, and your lover’s seduction style, and how to use them to become more confident around seduction.

  • Understanding your Core Erotic Feelings and your Elevated Erotic Feelings, and how these have to be cultivated regularly.

  • How to avoid the “Dark Triad” that kills passion and intimacy.

  • How to see busy as a challenge vs a problem, and creative ideas and techniques for busy couples. 

  • How sharing the household responsibilities leads to more sex.

  • Simple techniques you can use tonight to bring more pleasure into your connection, and much more.



Speak Sex Podcast

Episode 48: How to Change your Attitude Toward Sex & Love Yourself (& Your Partner) No Matter What!

Eve Eurydice speaks with Marla Renee Stewart, founder of Velvet Lips, a sex education platform & cofounder of the Sex Down South Conference in Atlanta & of the Sexual Liberation Collective, a sexologist & sex & relationship coach, & speaks Sex with Susana Potter, a yogi psychotherapist, founder of Bodywise, a center for body-centered therapy.



The A to Z of Sex

I is for Inches

Does size matter? Today we are talking about size in all its forms... penis size, vagina size, body size... what is it about size that is such an issue when it comes to sexual intimacy.



blunt. (The Podcast)

Let’s Talk Mental Health w/ Stanley Atkins II and Marla Stewart (LIVE)

This weeks episode Brittney and London made history hosting their first live recording honoring Mental Health Awareness Month with #PassingTheBlunt guests Stanley Atkins II and Marla Stewart.

(Part 1) Stanley Atkins helps educate us on the connection between mental health and cannabis, how we all suffer from some form of PTSD, and his thoughts on men’s mental health being a silent crisis.

(Part 2) Marla Stewart shares her knowledge on the relationship between sex and mental health, healing sexual trauma, and how to self care. Tune in and share your thoughts on mental health.



The Pussy Party Podcast

Fuck School

"Fuck School" takes place in the middle of the Naughty in Nawlin's Lifestyle Convention! I have super special guest Marla Renee Stewart, MA. Shes a professional sex, intimacy and relationship coach, sexologist, and sex educator. She teaches from church groups all the way to the university level! Many of you may have seen her featured on "Killer Mike's, Trigger Warning" Netflix Series! We talk about the show and the educational side of sex, intimacy, orgasms, trauma and the LGBTQ lifestyle.



Loving Without Boundaries

Podcast Interview: Marla Renee Stewart, Co-Founder of Sex Down South, Sexologist, Coach

I am so flipping stoked to share my latest podcast interview that I just released with sexologist, and coach, and co-founder of the Sex Down South conference (which is this September 5–7 in Atlanta, Georgia), Marla Renee Stewart. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Marla at this year’s second Southwest Love Fest when she was on the panel for Dirty Lola’s “Sex Ed. A Go-Go” that Saturday night. I was super impressed with her hilarity, her intelligence, and her overall easy-going and fun persona. Nice! Marla keeps herself busy with teaching at universities, running her own sexuality education business, doing research for non-profit organizations, and sits on various panels and boards for companies. You know… just a normal day for Marla. 🙂 Wow! Amazing! Marla, thanks for being such a courageous and hard-working trail blazer and for all of the magnificent and much-needed work that you are doing! I love it! Keep going like I know you will!



Sexploration w/ Poly Anna

Conversation X: Marla Renee Stewart (Velvet Lips & Sex Down South)

On today’s episode, Marla Renee Stewart (s3xuality educator and founder of Velvet Lips) and I talk about dating while depressed, what causes the spark to fade in a relationship, what gets New Relationship Energy down, and her event coming up the weekend of September 5 in Atlanta, Georgia , S3x Down South!




Marla Stewart: Sex Ed Down South

Meet sex educator Marla Stewart. This week, Raksha and Marla talk about being queer transplants to the South, craigslist dating, and kinky boundaries. Want to know what religious trauma is? Or what it means to be "monogamish"? Expand your toolkit for navigating the sexual world this week on Tindergarten.



Sisters of Sexuality: 5 Shades of Play

Infidelity in Queer Relationships

In this episode, Marla Renee Stewart will be interviewing queer couple, Sloan and Mikah, about infidelity.  Their heated and candid discussion about desire on YouTube is one of the fastest growing audiences that shows what arguments around infidelity look like IRL.  They will be discussing the challenges, as well as the benefits of being in a queer relationship and the nuances about transparency in most situations where one person isn't completely truthful about their desires.  We are also going to talk about how people are not comfortable with expressing their desires to their partners because the constructs around monogamy due to the agricultural revolution. Get ready to dig deep and hard with this complex and amazing couple!



Sisters of Sexuality: 5 Shades of Play

Black Sexual Liberation w/ Jasmine Burnett

It's Juneteenth and it's time to make some connections regarding Black Sexual Liberation. Join Marla Renee Stewart as she and naturist, Jasmine Burnett, talk about what freedom means on this incredible day. We will be discussing the intersections of blackness and sexuality and how we show up with everyday authenticity. Listen in as we talk about celebrating our power!



Black N Kinky Lifestyle: A Swinger’s Podcast

Interview with Sex Therapist and Educator Marla Stewart

Check out Marla Twitter @1marlastewart @SexDownSouthATL @VelvetLipsSxEd IG:@1marlastewart | Want to meet Marla and person? Come to Amour Getaways Clothing Optional Cabin Getaways 10/4 - 10/6, where Marla will be doing her Flirt and Squirt workshop! Music credit Ryan Little Kick Push @iamryanlittle



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

Out w/ The Old w/ Tia Marie

Have you ever experienced a lover who wanted to try a move on you and was unsuccessful? In this discussion, Marla Renee Stewart and Tia Marie discuss communication and trying to use your old tricks for new people. Yes, there are commonalities in what people like, but using your same techniques can be detrimental to your sex life. Join us LIVE for a talk about how you can make communicating about sex easier without the humiliation and awkwardness.



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

Fuckstrology w/ Gigi Robinson

Venture with Marla Renee Stewart as she gets into an enlightened discussion with Intuitive Astrologer, Gigi Robinson. We've all seen those memes about how different signs have and talk about sex, but are they really true? We will talk about all the horoscope signs and their sexual compatibility with other signs. Join us for a fun and entertaining discussion if you're curious about fuckstrology and how it can benefit you!



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

Three Ain’t A Crowd w/ Charita Marie

Is three really a crowd?  Join Marla Renee Stewart as she gets in deep with Charita Marie and her husband and 2 boyfriends, Shane, Nate, and Andre, respectively.  We will talk about their relationship dynamics, as they pertain to scheduling dates, understanding each other's values, and of course, the sex!  Join us for a fun and entertaining discussion if you're curious about what it's like in the world of non-monogamy! 



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

Sexing w/ Saifa

Venture with Marla Renee Stewart as she gets deep and dirty with Intersex Activist, Sean Saifa Wall. Marla and Saifa will discuss all the nasty and fun details about their sex lives! There will be talks of online dating and casual hooking up, what it means to have dangerous sex, and all the fascinations that come with being an intersex man in this sex-curious world! Buckle up for this ride!



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

Parenting w/ Generational Trauma

Join host Marla Renee Stewart while she interviews sex educator, Asha Leong, from the Sexual Liberation Collective. We will discuss generational trauma and how it can affect you in the present and in the future, being a purposeful solo parent/queer mama and how to prevent passing down generational trauma, and how spirituality can help guide you to living your best life. Join us for an incredibly educational lesson to see how you can prevent past trauma from negatively affecting your life.



Ya Gay Aunties

Grown Folks Talkin’ w/ Marla Stewart

Red and Hanifah welcome Marla Stewart from Velvet lips and Sex Down South. Together they go in about how to have grown conversations about sexual health before getting it in. They also answer a Letter From The Chillren about a sex triad involving honesty, denial and Herpes.



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

Your Trauma Melodrama w/ Jimanekia Eborn

Join Marla Renee Stewart as she gets into a deep discussion with the Trauma Queen, Jimanekia Eborn, about black folks healing journeys.  We will go over the kinds of trauma that people have, the ways that people cope with the trauma, as well as the ways to continuously heal the trauma.  Whether you are a person who has experienced trauma or not, this insightful discussion will help you gain knowledge about yourself, as well as your lovers. 



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

Trauma, Drama, & Kink

On this weeks episode, join co-hosts Jet Setting Jasmine and Marla Stewart will explore how an alternative approach to exposure therapy in the form of role-play and Kink can support healing of existing traumas. Revisiting past trauma, in the right context, allow a space where s/he has control over what happens and how the scene ends. Reframing and creating positive experiences in place of the negative provides a new opportunity to live free!



SDC w/ Lexi Sylver

Female Pleasure: Myths & Facts About Women’s Orgasms

Happy Nude Year, fiends and friends! Welcome back to your favorite playground. For my first podcast episode of 2019, I present to you a very juicy one indeed – the topic you’ve all been waiting for: FEMALE ORGASMS! What are the secrets to pleasing a woman sexually? Do you want to learn more about how to make a woman orgasm and squirt? If you want to know what makes a woman cum, you’re going to LOVE tonight’s podcast! By the way, in case you needed extra incentive, I’ll be getting VERY personal and talking about my first ever squirting experience! It’s not often that I tell sex stories on air, but like I said, this is one hell of a JUICY episode! So definitely DON’T MISS IT! I’ll be hosting my special guest, Marla Renee Stewart, aka The Sex Architect, who’s a professional sex educator, sex, intimacy and relationship coach, founder of Velvet Lips and co-host of The Sisters of Sexuality podcast on The Sexy Lifestyle Network.



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

Sex Positive Parenting in Queer Families

In this show, Marla Renee Stewart and Jessica Nater will be discussing what it means to be a sex-positive parent, tools on how to speak to your kids in a way that won't traumatize them, and what it's like to be the product of sex-positive parenting. Both Marla and Jessica will offer their various perspectives and provide you with key insight that will ultimately help with your parenting style!



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

Kinky Booty Stuff w/ Luna Matatas

Venture with Marla Renee Stewart as she gets into a deep discussion with the Queen of Booty, Luna Matatas about Kink and butt stuff. We will go over some fun tips about how to approach consent when it comes to kink fetishes, as it relates to ass play, and how you can be safe all while doing it! Join us for a fun and entertaining discussion if you're curious about Kinky Booty Stuff!



Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades of Play

The Sex Ed Series w/ Marla Renee Stewart

Join your Sisters of Sexuality host and Sex Goddess Taylor Sparks as she discovers all new things about her guest and co-host Sister of Sexuality Marla Renee Stewart. Marla is a sexuality educator, seduction advocate, scholar activist, service sexpert and the co-founder of the Sex Down South Conference. Listen in as Marla opens up about her life and work in the industry as a sex educator, her 'coming out' story and all things sexy!




SDS & Velvet Lips w/ Marla Stewart




Master Bait’N w/ Kay

Relationship 101 w/ Marla Stewart

Kay speaks with relationship coach and sexuality educator Marla Renee Stewart, MA. Marla also gives us the 411 on Velvet Lips & the Sex Down South Conference, both in ATL.



Black Radical Queer

Lesbian Sex Pamphlet

Your favorite lesbian is joined by Marla Renee Stewart of Velvet Lips ATL and Sex Down South Conference. We discuss Marla's coming out, her sex positive education career, gender roles, and women being subjects of sexuality instead of sexual objects.



The Spread

Sex Down South w/ Marla Stewart

Marla Stewart, a jack of all trades in the sex work community was in charge of all the fun I had the one weekend we spent in New Orleans. She’s responsible for the hurricane I had, the walks on bourbon street, the karaoke nights, the absolute excitement of being in the kink BDSM dungeon and is very responsible for the hangovers thereafter.

But she is also responsible for a big event that take place every year in Atlanta called Sex Down South. She shares with us why she does what she does and the reason behind her sex positive attitude in life.



Living a Sex Positive Life

Sexy In Atlanta

In this episode we chatted with Marla Renne Stewart, MA. about all her projects, from the first Sex Down South, to who is going to be this year feature speakers and of course Angelique was gushing. We talked about how Velvet Lips is making a difference in people’s life and Marla's class at Clayton State University which is changing how people perceive the word “Feminist”.



Erotic Awakening Podcast

Sex Down South & Warming Up For A Scene The Right Way

This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk with Marla Renee Stewart about the Sex Down South conference! Plus they go deep on how to start up a scene – from sensual to sadistic, the warm up can help make it a great scene! PLUS sex tips; Kinky Kollege; Tijuana Bible; and LOTS more!



Queer Sex Ed

Interview w/ Marla Stewart, Founder of Velvet Lips

Sara talks with Marla Renee Stewart from Sex Down South and Velvet Lips about helping people find sexual confidence, sharing your desires with your partners, starting the Sex Down South Conference, her experiences in academia as a sex researcher, and finding love for her body.



CockTales: Dirty Discussions

Ep. 69 "Will You Help Me Fulfill My Fantasy" ft. Marla of Velvet Lips

It's almost Valentine's Day, it's episode 69, and we could all stand to learn a little something so who better to join us than Velvet Lips LLC's own sex coach, Marla Stewart. Marla helps us to understand a LOT! She also teaches us how to get that special someone to fulfill your kinkiest fantasies. You'll enjoy this one and if it's not enough you've got to try her workshops!



How We Talk About Sex with Eric Leviton

Marla Renee Stewart on HWTAS #147

My guest is Marla Renee Stewart. 7+ years ago she founded Velvet Lips, which is an education company that empowers people of all ages to embrace, educate, and enjoy their sexuality and their sexual lives. We talk about her coming out to her mother at 16 as a bisexual; masturbation; orgasms; the swinging community; threesomes; Unicorns and how to find them; safe words; spanking; strap ons for men; and sexual innovation.



Sex Out Loud w/ Tristan Taormino

Marla Stewart talks About Bringing Sex Down South

This week Marla Stewart chats live about next month's conference in Atlanta, Sex Down South. Sex Down South was born out of a desire to create a safe space in the Southeast where folks could explore sex and sexuality.



Pillow Talk w/ Cheryl

Velvet Lips At Your Service!

Do you have questions about intimacy that you want answers to? Do you want to hear how you can explore your sexuality and bring your love life to new heights? Do you have lingering anxiety from previous experiences that stop you from having the love life you desire? Do you want answers to your dilemmas on sex? Join me with my guest Marla Stewart and her velvet lips at your service here on Pillow Talk with Cheryl and don’t forget to tune in at 8 pm sharp as you don’t want to miss my “Wise Whispers From Down Under” with Dr. Philip Morphew.



Sex is Medicine w/ Devi Ward

Sex In The South w/ Marla Renee Stewart

Devi welcomes Marla Renee Stewart, MA co-founder of the Sex Down South Conference.What is the most common problem for the couples she coaches and what the most common sex-related apprehension is.Also get prepared for October's Sex Down South Conference Sex Down South conference!