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Therapy & Coaching

Unfortunately, sex therapists are limited in what they can do when it comes to their clients.  Because of this, coaching is the most ideal healing service.


We Use An Integrative Strategy

Our approach is a combination of sex therapy, somatic therapy, and comprehensive sexuality education. 


Although we're not psychotherapists, we do make connections and talk through sexual functions, sexual feelings, and intimacy with individuals and couples, which is quite similar to the actions of sex therapists. 

With regards to somatic therapy, we use breathwork, vocal work, movement, touch, and massage. 


The comprehensive sexuality education that we use includes giving young people and adults knowledge about sex and sexuality, reflections on what a healthy attitude looks like, develop their personal awareness and sex skills, and help them recognize their life and sexual values so that they can make healthy and appropriate choices for their sex lives. 


Our practical curriculum that Marla formulated over the years is a reflection of these strategies and relevant theoretical approaches.  Because it is an integrative approach, it has allowed us to see the issues from different angles, as well as problem-solve the issues quickly to enrich the relationships of individuals with themselves and for couples with themselves and with each other.

The Process

Book an Initial Assessment

After you think of the goals that you have in mind that you want to achieve in your sex life, you need to book an Initial Assessment.  We will ask you questions about your current life's experiences and make sure that we would be able to help you with your goals. This session is done via webcam/phone, takes less than an hour, and is only $50.

Decide On Your Options

After the Initial Assessment, we draw up a session plan for you to follow based on our recommendations.  You have the choice to doing them all or picking the ones that you would like to do.  You can schedule the sessions however you like; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or when you're ready.  The first two sessions can be done independently to get acclimated with the sex coach.  Income-based payments and payment plans are available. Sessions range from $200-$250/hr.

Implement the Work!

All of our sessions are goal-oriented aimed at problem-solving and making sure that you receive the best information for your particular circumstance.  Every session always has homework and it's up to you to be accountable with your work and to ensure that you are doing the things needed to make your way towards your goals.  If you are in a relationship, there is a meeting requirement with your lover to make sure that you are entering this work together.  

Recommended Therapists

If you need a therapist, no fear!  We know a lot of therapists, counselors, and hypnotherapists in the US and Canada who can help you with your needs.  We can especially help folks who are in non-monogamous relationships, kinksters, swingers, LGBTQIA2S+, folks of color, disabled folks, and sex workers.  Some folks are able to take insurance, while others are not able to, so please keep this in mind.    

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