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07/02/24- Popsugar's Squishy Sex Toys (Yes, Squishy) Are Trending

06/24/24- Women's Health's 10 Best Rabbit Vibrators Of 2024, According To Sex Experts

06/20/2024- Pop Sugar's 11 Sex Toys For Beginners

06/10/24- Scary Mommy's I Wish Someone Told Me These 3 Things About Sex After 40 Before I Turned 40

05/28/24- Men's​ Health's What to Know About the 'Hotwifing' Kink in Open Relationships

05/10/24 - Cosmo's 17 Best Vibrating Panties That’ll Rock Your Body on the Go

04/26/24 - Cosmo's Your Complete Beginner’s Guide to Scissoring

04/23/24- Men's Health's These Are the Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning

02/15/24- Men's Health's Become an Oral Sex Pro With These 35 Expert Tips

02/13/2024 -  Lifehacker's How to Have the Best Period Sex

12/23/2023 - Lifehacker's Is Choking During Sex Ever Really Safe?

12/12/2023 - Scary Mommy's It’s Not Your Imagination — People Are Hornier During The Holidays

12/12/23 - Erotic Spanking's 3 Thrilling Types to Try

12/5/23 - Kinkly's D-Types Need Love Too: Aftercare Tips for Dominants

12/1/23 - Cosmo's The 14 Most Powerful Vibrators You Can Buy in 2023

11/21/23 - Gay Mom's Club's Are You a Gay Mom? This Is How To Help Your Child Navigate The World

11/3/23 - Men's Health's15 Best Massage Oils in 2023, Tested by Sex Experts

10/20/23 - Lifehacker's 8 Ways To Have Fun With a Soft Penis

10/19/23 - Essence's This Annual Conference Is A 'Sex-Positive Family Reunion' Focused On Pleasure

10/13/23 - Cosmo's What Is a Ruined Orgasm?

10/12/23 - Cosmo's The Aer Is the Introduction to Suction Vibrators Your Sex Toy Collection Needs

10/05/23 - Hypebae's Playboy Pleasure Glass Sex Toys: Where To Buy

09/15/23 - My Imperfect Life's Is Closing Your Eyes During Sex A Bad Thing?

09/15/23 – Ask Men’s Engaging in Choking During Sex That’s Consensual and Pleasurable

09/05/23 - Women's Health Mag's 8 Best Inflatable Dildos, Vibrators, And Sex Toys Of 2023

09/03/23 - Well+Good's Pump Yourself Up With These 8 Sexologist-Approved Inflatable Sex Toys

08/17/23 - Hypebae's Inflatable Sex Toys Are a Size Queen's Dream

08/09/23 - My Imperfect Life's Inflatable Sex Toys Are Blowing Up Intimate Moments

08/05/23 - My Imperfect life's Shallowing Is On The Rise and These Sex Toys Are Made For It

07/27/23 - Sheknows's These Cooling Sex Toys Are Exactly What You Need to Get Things Heated in the Bedroom

07/21/23 - Popsugar's The 10 Most Common Kinks, According to Sex Experts

07/21/23 - Lifehacker's How to Have Great Sex Outside (Safely)

07/20/23 - Mashable SE Asia's Playboy x Lovers' new sex toy drop features some surprising ways to play

06/16/23 - Mashable SE Asia's Playboy x Lovers' Second Drop Redefines Pleasure With Shallow Masturbation

06/14/23 - My Imperfect Life's Does Sunshine Make You Hornier?

06/11/23 - My Imperfect Life's How To Have Sex in Pools, According To Sexperts

06/01/23 - Refinery29's What’s The Difference Between Polyamory & An Open Relationship?

05/17/23 - Cosmo's 17 Best Cock Rings of 2024, According to Experts

04/21/23- Men's Health The Speed Bump Sex Position Is Ideal for Men With Smaller Penises

04/19/23 - Popsugar's Spooning Sex Is the Lazy Position of Your Dreams

04/13/23 - Vice's How to Organize a Gangbang

03/17/23 - My Imperfect Life's How to Orgasm From Sex With A Partner

03/16/23 - Spy's The Best Sex Furniture for Achieving That New Position Without Pulling Something

02/22/23 - Glamour's 11 Best Blow Job Sex Toys That Feel Like the Real Deal

02/17/23 - Vice's 8 Black-Owned Sex Toy and Intimacy Brands to Shop This Month

02/16/23 - Kinkly's Queer & Kinky AF: Black Liberation at its Finest

02/13/23 - Women's Health's How To Have Oral Sex

02/12/23 - Glam's Being Too Goal-Oriented In Your Sex Life May Be Fizzling Out Your Passion

02/11/23 - Hypebae's Playboy Pleasure True Indulgence Vibrator

02/08/23 - My Imperfect Life's Best Sofa Sex Positions

01/20/23 - Marie Claire's The 12 Best Sex Card Games Of All Time

01/16/23 - Well + Good's Why People Have Sexual Fantasies About Things They Don’t Want To Do in Real Life

01/13/23 - Glam's Sex Experts Break Down Intimacy Myths and How To Overcome Them

12/30/22 - Popsugar's Best Sex-Swing Positions

12/28/22 - Men's Health's How to Do the Piledriver, One of the Hardest Sex Positions Ever

12/21/22 - Poosh's What's the Difference Between Kink and Fetish?

12/20/22 - My Imperfect Life's Crying After Orgasm: What a Sexpert Wants You to Know

12/19/22- Men's Health's What Is a Dry Orgasm? Here’s What to Know About Orgasming Without Ejaculation.

12/17/22 - My Imperfect Life's How to Master Winter Sex Without Getting Cold

11/10/22 - My Imperfect Life's Controversial OneTaste is the Subject of a New Netflix Documentary

11/03/22 - Well+Good's 18 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Perfect for New Relationships

10/21/22 - Marie Claire's Types of Vibrators

10/21/22- Cosmo's Here’s How to Have (Good!) Camping Sex for All You Outdoorsy Folks

10/18/22 - Philadelphia Weekly's Sex Down South Conference 2022

10/14/22 - Marie Claire's 13 Best Bullet Vibrators of 2023

10/7/22 - Bustle's The Differences Between Kinks & Fetishes

10/6/22 - Ceng News's Explaining the Distinctions Between Fetishes and Kinks

09/20/22 - Business Insider's Researchers Asked a Man to Pleasure 5 Women to Find Out If Squirting Contains Pee

09/15/22 - Marie Claire's 14 Best G-Spot Vibrators

09/9/22 - Popsugar's How to Use a Vibrator to Get the Best Orgasms of Your Life

09/2/22 - PureWow's Its a Match Liquid Vibrator

08/27/22 - My Imperfect Life's How To Have Phone Sex: The Ultimate Guide To Dialed-Up Dirty Talk

08/23/22- Men's Health's Is a 'Monogamish' Relationship for You? Here's How to Tell.

08/9/22 - Popsugar's Masturbating While on Your Period Tips

08/9/22 - Glamour's 13 Best Rechargeable Vibrators to Keep You Buzzing

08/8/22 - Well+Good's 7 Hands-Free Grinding Vibrators That Do All the Work for You

08/5/22 - Techno Trenz's How to Succeed When You’re Plus-Sized

08/4/22 - My Imperfect Life's What Is Orgasmic Meditation?

08/2/22 - List23's How To Be On Top When You're Plus-Size

08/2/22 - Bustle's How To Be On Top When You're Plus Size

08/1/22 - Marie Claire's 18 Best Dildos for Every Penetrative Preference

07/25/22 - Glamour's Best Finger Vibrators For a Truly Hands-On Experience

07/18/22- Cosmo's So…What’s the Deal With Squirting?

07/15/22 - Popsugar's How Masturbating in the Shower Hits Different and Tips to Make It Even Better

07/14/22 - Popsugar's How Anal Masturbation Will Help Your Body Feel a Completely New Kind of Pleasure

07/12/22 - Hypebae's Are Liquid Vibrators Worth the Hype?

06/18/22 - My Imperfect Life's Best Sex Positions for a Scorching Summer

06/14/22 - Popsugar's What Exactly Is the Kivin Method of Oral Sex?

06/3/22 - Elite Daily's Soft-Launching Your Sexuality — What It Is And How To Do It

05/27/22 - Psych Central's 10 Sexual Wellness Trends to Watch in 2022

05/27/22 - Greatist's 10 Top Sexual Health and Wellness Trends of 2022

05/27/22 - Men's Health's Unicorns Go Out of Their Way to Have Sex With Couples

05/26/22 - Men's Health's What Is a Safe Word, and How Do You Use One During Sex?

05/12/22 - Vice's The 5 Best Beginner's E-Stim Sex Toys

05/9/22 - Cosmo's Behold: Our Fave Masturbation May Sex Toy Sales for 2022

04/20/22- Men's Health's Want to Find the G-Spot? Here's a Step-by-Step Guide.

04/11/22 - HealthCentral's A Roundtable Chat About Sex When You're Chronic

04/6/22 - WebMD's Good Sex: 5 Therapists Share 5 Approaches to a Healthy Sex Life

04/3/22 - Elite Daily's The 20 Best Quiet Sex Toys, According To Experts

03/28/22 - Cosmo's What Is Sexual Frustration?

03/23/22 - Self's How to Overcome a Language Barrier in Bed

02/25/22 - Kinkly's In the World of Black Kink

02/17/22 - My Imperfect Life's What Exactly is a Blended Orgasm?

02/17/22 - Glamour's 15 Best Nipple Stimulators for Next-Level Sensations

02/15/22 - Buzzfeed's These 22 Black Sex Educators Are Changing The Way We Think And Talk About Sex

01/11/22- Men's Health's BDSM Is My Release, and I Wouldn't Have Known Without Secretary

12/18/21 - Medium's Women In Wellness: Celine Fierro of OhCleo! on the Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

12/9/21 - Well+Good's 16 Best Organic Lubes That Are Nightstand-Worthy

11/5/21 - Glamour's The Best Finger Vibrators for a Truly Hands-On Experience

10/30/21 - AskMen's What Is the Male Contraceptive Pill and When Will It Be Available?

10/27/21- Cosmo's Demiromantic

09/27/21 - Glamour's The Best Sex Toys for Squirting, Whether You're a Newbie or a Pro

09/16/21 - InStyle's Your Ultimate Guide to Butt Plug Play

08/31/21 - Glamour's The Best Anal Vibrators For First-Timers and Beyond

08/24/21- Cosmo's Here’s How to Turn Your Man on by Exclusively Stimulating His Nipples

08/24/21 - HelloGiggle's "Ruined Orgasms" Is a New Way to Tease Your Partner—Here's How to Give One

08/14/21 - Shape's This Ribbed, Waterproof Vibrator Can Be Used In So Many Pleasure-Inducing Ways

08/6/21 - O.School's What is An Open Relationship?

07/16/21 - HelloGiggles' How to Travel With a Vibrator Without Getting Caught

07/1/21 - Health's 8 Romantic Sex Positions That Will Bring You Closer to Your Partner

06/26/21 - MindBodyGreen's 16 Signs Of Sexual Tension & How To Build It When You Want It

06/24/21 - Well+Good's The 7 Best Sex Positions for People Who Love Cuddling

06/12/21 - Women's Health How To Explore Your Sexuality In A Personal And Fulfilling Way, According To Sex Experts

06/11/21 - Cosmo's 13 Best Pillows For Sex

06/9/21 - Well+Good's This Thrusting Vibrator Adds Serious Sensation to Penetrative Play With 850 Thrusts per Minute

06/4/21 - Cosmo's Blow Job

04/27/21- Como's Your Everything-to-Know Guide to Double Penetration

04/27/21- Men's Health 13 Styles of Kissing—and How to Do Each One

04/3/21 - Well + Good's I’m a Sexologist, and Here’s Why It’s Just a Myth That Longer Sex Equals Better Sex

03/25/21 - Men's Health We're in the Golden Age of Sex Technology

03/21/21 - MindBodyGreen's What Is Fluid Bonding & When Is It Safe For A Couple To Do It?

03/19/21 - Glamour's These Sex Pillows Are Designed to Make Any Position Hotter—And More Comfortable

03/19/21 - Ebony's Black Women Sex Educators Are Changing Lives

03/17/21 - Cosmo's 5 Sex Positions for Mother's Day, Because Moms Need to Have Good Sex Too

03/11/21 - Marla Renee Stewart: “Be honest with yourself and work on your own self-awareness”

03/10/21 - Health's Rough Sex: What It Is, Why Some People Enjoy It, and How to Do It Safely

02/26/21 - Bustle's How To Use A Partner Toy For The First Time

02/24/21 - Cosmopolitan's 11 Spring Sex Positions That Will Get Your Sex Life Blooming

02/23/21 - Black Leaders in the Sex Positive Community

02/19/21 - Cosmo's Skoliosexual

02/12/21 - Well+Good's 7 Vibrators With Apps That Really Level Up That Mind-Body Connection

02/3/21 - New York Magazine's Best Sex Toy Cleaners

01/17/21 - Medium's Marla Renee Stewart of Velvet Lips: 5 Things Anyone Can Do To Optimize Their Mental Wellness

12/23/20 - Cosmo's Temperature Play

12/23/20 - Men's Health's Here's How to Define the Relationship (DTR) with the Person You're Dating

12/16/20 - Healthline's Virtual Sex Shouldn’t Be Limited to a Phone or Video Call — Try This Instead

12/14/20 - Men's Health's You Want to Date Your Best Friend. But Should You?

12/10/20 - Well + Good's Pleasure Experts Name Their 7 Favorite Sex Toys for Giving (and Receiving) the Gift of Orgasm

12/1/20 - Well+Good's 9 Sexual Wellness Gift Boxes To Help Everyone Come Into 2021 Strong

11/23/20 - Refinery29's Is Your Relationship Ready for Thanksgiving?

11/6/20 - Health & Medical Review's When You’re Queer, What Does It Mean To Lose Your Virginity? – The Very Thought Of It!

11/4/20 - Well+Good's 6 Ways To Bring Sexy New Relationship Energy Into Your Long-Term Partnership

10/30/20 - Refinery29's Zombieing Is The Dating Trend That’s Spookier Than Ghosting

10/29/20 - Cosmopolitan's Here’s How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm

10/21/20 - Mind Body Green's The Hands-Free Orgasm: 25 Ways To Reach Orgasm Without Using Your Hands

10/20/20 - Refinery29's A Sexpert's Guide to Toys That Make Unforgettable Gifts

9/24/20 - Bustle's 7 Sex Positions For When You Need An Energy Boost

8/20/20 - Shape's What Bisexuality Means, Doesn't Mean, and How to Know If You're Bi

7/29/20 - Cosmopolitan's 21 Best Ways to Experience the Best Car Sex of Your Life

7/28/20 - New York Magazine's What's the Best Vibrator?

7/28/20 - Naughty's 10 Household Items You Can Use During Sex

7/28/20 - Bustle's Sex Experts Explain Everything You Need To Know About Feminist Porn

6/17/20 - Urbasm's Sex, Seduction, and Insights with Dr. Jess and Marla

3/18/20 – Inside Hook's It’s Time To Rediscover the Lost Art of Phone Sex

3/2/20 – Lotus Bloom’s 12 Black Sex Educators Who Are Blazing Sex-Positive Trails

1/28/20 – Mind Body Green’s A Full Guide To Vagina Piercings: Risks, Benefits, Photos & More

11/13/19 – Blood + Milk’s A Sex Educator’s Guide to Squirting

7/17/19 – Elite Daily’s If Sex With A Friend Made Things Awkward Between You, Here's How To Talk About It

5/20/19 – Bon Appetit Magazine's Adrienne Maree Brown on Why Joy Is a Form of Resistance

3/13/19 – Chronicles, Too!: Classy Living Society

1/28/19 – Sex w/ Dr Jess Blog's Sexuality Superheroes: Marla Renee Stewart, MA

2/21/18 – Voyage ATL's Meet Marla Stewart of Velvet Lips in Capitol View

10/13/16 – Ebony’s ‘Sex Down South’ Conference Aims to Make Act Less Taboo

2/11/16 – Georgia State Signal’s Establishing sexual empowerment: Hands-on intimacy experience at Velvet Lips

2/2/16 – Ebony’s Sex: The Synergistic Energy eXchange

10/15/15 – Creating Loafing's Sex Down South Hits ATL

6/2/15 – Project Q Atlanta’s You can help Atlanta go down on queer sex

2/4/15 – Mic’s There's a Big Problem With Polyamory That Nobody's Talking About

1/30/14 – Georgia Voice’s Atlanta’s ‘Velvet Lips’ in business to ensure pleasure for lesbians, all people

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