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Image by Colin Lloyd

We met at SDS last year. I first met you at the other end of your paddle!! So much fun. Then we met the next night on the cross. I volunteered to be choked while on the cross. Again, even more fun!!😏


Honestly, that night on the cross, it was more than fun. It was cathartic and life changing for me. I was sexually abused by my biological father until I was 12 years old. He used to cover my mouth and nose when I would cry and scream. Because of that, he would often cause my breathing to stop. That night at SDS, on the cross, you gave me my breath back. You gave me the ability and the confidence to take it all back. My worth, my power, my pussy. I am forever grateful for you and the energy you bring forth and the safe spaces you create. Thank you is not enough. 💜

Sex Down South Attendee, 2021

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