Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see people virtually or in-person?

Both! We see people virtually and if we are in your area, we can see you in-person, if that is your desire.

How much is coaching?

Coaching with Marla is $250/hr. We do have income-based payments and payment plans for your financial accessibility.

Do you touch your clients?

​If the situation calls for it. We do specialize in somatic bodywork techniques and we do practice with clients if it's necessary to learn the lesson.

As a client, do I/we get naked in front of you?

​If the situation calls for it; this is discussed prior and with consent.

Do you take on interns?

We sure do! If you'd like to intern for us, please email us at

Can I buy a session for someone else?

You sure can! You can buy them a gift card or you coordinate with our assistant on date, time, and other details.

Do you give happy endings?

No. Our work is energetic in nature and giving someone an orgasm is never the goal.