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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the last day to sign up?
    The last day to get the first bonus is April 24, 2024. The last day to get the second bonus is May 1st. The last day to sign up for the program before the price goes up is May 12th, 2024. The last day to sign up for the program is June 1, 2024.
  • Is this guaranteed? Can I get a refund if I don't like the program?
    If you follow the program and go with my advice, you should have a positive experience and a positive change in your sexual life and confidence. Unfortunately, there are no refunds. However, if you are dissatisfied with the programming, we can have a conversation and work something out, because ultimately, I want you to be happy.
  • When will the program start?
    The program will start June 2, 2024. Every session will be on Sundays at 7pm est. Please allow 2 hours for these meetings.
  • I'm non-binary, intersex, and/or trans. Can I still attend this program?
    If one of your identities also consists of being a woman and you have a vulva and/or vagina, then you are more than welcome to be in the space. Understand that we will be using the language of the socio-cultural context of woman and dissecting girlhood and womanhood, if it has impeded on your sexual power.
  • What does DRIP stand for?
    Divine Richness Inyo Pussy. You will learn all about what this is about!
  • How much will the program be after the deadline?
  • How long will the program be available?
    This program will be accessible for 6 months.
  • I have more questions. How can I contact you?
    There are two ways to contact me. You can text me and join my text list 404-737-1364 and put the word "DRIP" when you text. You can also call me at 401-365-4448 for a quick 5-minute phone call.
  • What if my relationship ends before the end of the 7 weeks?
    If your relationship ends before the end of the 7 weeks, that's perfectly okay. We'll go ahead and dissect the issues that you had with your past lover, talk about any missteps, and then continue to help you access your sensuality.
  • What if something happens and I can't attend the live sessions?
    That's perfectly okay! There will be people in all sorts of time zones that will not be able to attend the sessions and things may come up, so all the sessions will be recorded for you to look at, at your convenience.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    If you need a payment plan, please email to set that up for you.
  • As a client, do I/we get naked in front of you?
    If the situation calls for it; this is discussed prior and with consent.
  • Do you touch your clients?
    If the situation calls for it. We do specialize in somatic bodywork techniques and we do practice with clients if it's necessary to learn the lesson.
  • Do you give happy endings?
    No. Our work is energetic in nature and giving someone an orgasm is never the goal.
  • Do you take on interns?
    We sure do! If you'd like to intern for us, please email us at
  • Can I buy a session for someone else?
    You sure can! You can buy them a gift card or you can coordinate with our assistant on date, time, and other details.
  • How much is coaching?
    Coaching with Marla is $250/hr. We do have income-based payments and payment plans for your financial accessibility.
  • Do you see people virtually or in-person?
    Both! We see people virtually and if we are in your area, we can see you in-person, if that is your desire.
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