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About the Event

A Vulva and Vagina-Centered Virtual Festival


Top educators from around the country are bringing their talents together for the first ever ClitFest!  Each educator bringing you something new and keeping you informed of the latest and greatest that there is about vulvas, vaginas, and more.  In addition to that, we'll have games and prizes galore, a vagina-centered film, and some fun entertainment!


This festival took place March 25-27, 2022.


**Accessibility: Closed Captions will be available**



Luna's Eat Pussy Like a Champ

Anne's Pleasure, Desire, & Orgasm

Ignacio's Going Down: Re-routing Oral Pleasures

Goody's TOY STORY: Clit Stimulating Toys & How to Use Them

Amina's Inside the Temple: Pussy Worship

Andre's Knuckle Up: Anal & Vaginal Fisting!

Marla's Learn the Magic of Squirting

Shanae's Combo Moves: Playing the Pussy

Casia's Vulva Mapping: A Virtual Guided Experience

Christina's Sex and Your Pelvic Floor

Carly's Dildo or Dildont, Finding Your Perfect Toy

Caz's Loose Lipped: Adapting Sexual Pleasure for Pelvic Pain


Perle Noire's Healing Through Seduction Burlesque

Some important notes: 

  • This is for folks of all genders

  • All classes are 90 minutes long or less

  • Scholarships and volunteer opportunities are available (email

  • We will be abiding by the Sex Down South Conference's Guiding Principles.  If you feel you cannot follow these principles, you will be removed from the festival and will no longer be able to join. 

  • Most sessions will be recorded 


Educators 2022


And also, thank you for hosting the ClitFest! retreat. Bless you! This has been so healing for me. . .and perfectly timed as part of my trauma healing and re-awakening pleasure journey. My wife & my sex therapist recommended your retreat to us. I'm so, so grateful!!! Beyond words!!!

ClitFest! Attendee

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