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Spiritual Work

Do you need some spiritual or energy work done on you or your body? We may have the perfect session for you.

Tea Meditation Session

Are you having a particular issue with a part of life that you need help with? 


These tea meditation sessions are specifically tailored to your particular needs.  If you’re having trouble figuring things out for yourself and need some guidance, these sessions will help you find what you are looking for and put you on the correct path towards your wanted goals and particular outcomes.


In your session, you will be given a specially concocted, organic tea based on your particular issue.  These teas can be homeopathic remedies or ways to open up your spiritual psyche​, depending on your particular need.  Whether you need help with where to go for your job/career, relationships, intimacy or financial issues, answers will be given for your next step.  We will discuss any questions that you have and the session will be guided by collective affirmations and spiritual guidance.  You can also choose prayer or a tarot card reading to also facilitate your particular needs. The session usually lasts about an hour.  Come armed with any questions that you may have.

Cuddling Work

Are you in need of some physical affection, but have no one to turn to?  Or do you just want to de-stress and feel better?

Either way, platonic cuddle work might be something that you are looking for.  Platonic cuddling has a a great amount of benefits including:

*It feels good

*It makes you feel sexy

*It reduces stress and blood pressure

*It helps with emotional bonding

*It helps with communication skills

*It’s great for your sex life

*It makes for a happier relationship

*It helps relieve pain

*It’s good for your immune system

Whether you like to be the little spoon or the big spoon, there are so many different ways of cuddling that can work for you!

Yoni & Lingam Work

Getting Yoni Work done is a big step to healing yourself and/or it can be a big step towards the blossoming of your sexuality. This very specific bodywork focuses on your yoni to remove any negative energy or sexual blockages that may be occurring. It also is a source of sexual pleasure where you can pinpoint your desires for future references. Yoni Work can be a spiritual and ecstatic sexual experience that relaxes and heals you from the inside out.


Lingam Work can help you maneuver the world through your sexuality and help you to engage and foster your spiritual and sexual growth (literally!). This bodywork helps you relieve any blocks that are psychological, physical and/or emotional. Using positive energy to guide you, we work together to release negative tension and heal you from the inside out.

Some people may experience orgasm, some people may not and this is perfectly okay. The main goal of this exercise is to be in touch with your sexuality and the abilities that your body has to rejuvenate itself and harmonize with the rest of the body.


​All of our approaches are holistic healing approaches guided by affirmations/prayers, meditations and oral/anal healing herbs/remedies. We also use a combination of exercises guided by breathwork, visual techniques and pelvic exercises.


​If you are partnered, your partner can observe or we can teach your partner how to perform the healing session for an additional fee.

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