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Up Your Dirty Talk Game in 3 Simple Steps

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

A good sext comes a long way…

Currently, there are so many ways to engage in dirty talking with a lover. Traditionally, dirty talk has been taboo and exclusively used in the bedroom during those intimate and passionate moments. Dirty talk is exciting because it can arouse lovers in an instant and the auditory aspect of it helps to surge those orgasmic buttons. However, there are plenty of ways to pursue your dirty talk and to show your lover just how creative you can get.

First up: Sexting

Using dirty talk while you sext can be excellent to build up arousal. However, if you or the person receiving the dirty talk becomes impatient, it can be an issue. In the time where we insist on instant gratification, the need for that next dopamine hit becomes more urgently needed. To combat that piece, it’s best to set yourself up for success by creating your sexts ahead of time. Now, I know that sounds a bit tacky, but the fact is, the person on the other end doesn’t need to know where you keep your stash of sexy texts. You hear a line on TV or movie that you like, write it down in your phone notes; or you can take the time to come up with a bunch of creative dirty talk phrases and think about your list of modifiers. For example, you can write down a short phrase such as, “You’re such a dirty slut.” Then, next to that, you can list the adjectives that you can replace for dirty (i.e. “dirty: filthy, naughty, nasty, spicy, sexy, little, etc.”). You can do the same for slut (i.e. “slut: boy, girl, whore, bitch, cunt, fucktoy, etc.”). You automatically get a ton of dirty talking phrases for one simple sentence.

Next up: Audio Notes

Remember those dirty talking phrases you just created for sexting? Now, it’s time to piece them together and create a story. With that said, you’re going to record each line separately. For example, if you’ve written, “How’s my naughty fucktoy doing today? Are you ready to play with this horny juicy pussy?” Record those lines separate, using your sexy (low, soft) voice with a slow pace. That way, you can always put them in an order that you like in your audio notes, as you slowly release one-by-one. This solves the problem of being instantaneous and allows your notes to make sense, while retaining their sexy edge.

Finally: Your Speaking Voice

Nothing works better than practice. Like with any skillset, it takes a considerable amount of practice to ensure that you do your best in whatever it is that you’re doing and practicing your dirty talk is no different. With those phrases that you have created, practice saying them in different ways and at different paces. That way, these phrases will become more natural to you when you’re actually engaged in your sexual play and soon enough, it will take minimal effort for your dirty talk to come through and instigate the natural eroticism that your words can evoke!

It’s now time to up your dirty talk game and be the best dirty talker you know you can be! Be sure to use one or multiple ways to get the result you want!

Cheers to your sexual success!

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