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Simple Sex Club Etiquette

I’ve been to many, many, sex clubs and they all have their own little unique quirks. Every single one of them are fun in their own way. Some of have dungeons, some have private and group sex rooms, and some have pools, hot tubs, and buffets.

Whether you’ve been to a sex club in your past or you’re curious about what a sex club is like, here are a few simple rules to follow when you attend:

  • Activate your extrovert. Most people who go to the sex clubs are generally extroverted and love to socialize. If you are an introvert, this is a good time to activate and practice your social skills, especially since most people tend to be ultra-friendly in these clubs. Engage like you have never engaged before. What do you have to lose?

  • Be open to the possibilities. Not only should you try to be open to being looked at, but you should try to be open to looking and venturing out to see what kind of things you can get into. There have been some times where I’ve walked in with my riding crop and was able to spank random folks for fun.

  • Be respectful and don’t yuck someone else’s yum. Remember, there are all sorts of people that are in these environments, so it’s best to come into these spaces with a non-judgmental attitude about whatever sexual acts that may occur. Like you, we all have our different quirks that turn us on, so respect other people who foster their own sexual desires.

  • Accept “No” for an answer. If you’re like me, you might get aggressive when flirting with someone. Or maybe you are so attracted to someone that you just want to jump their bones right then and there. Either way, you need to understand that they might not want you. That’s right. Although you may think you are fantastic, you have to understand that not everyone would be into you and who you are. And that’s okay. Like Paulo Coelho says, “don’t take it personal.” Take it as a sign as there are bigger and better things coming your way and that “no” has just put you on to an even more wonderful opportunity. Remember, when one door shuts, another one opens, so go find that door.

  • It’s not a competition. Some folks want to go into sex clubs hoping that they can beat the world record on how many people they can fuck in a night. You don’t have to do that. I mean, it’s okay if you want to, but know that no one else is competing in this so-called competition. The point of being here is to have fun, let loose, and enjoy the experience. This is a place where everyone gets a ribbon. 😉

If you do these things, you are sure to have a good time at the sex club. Just know that you don’t have to be pressured into doing anything that you don’t want to do. Invoke your sexual desires, but be okay with rejection. Everyone is there to have fun, and so should you.

Cheers to your sexual success!

P.S. Catch me at Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto this weekend!

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