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Learning Seduction – Part One

I want to talk about seduction and why it’s important to me, so the next few blogs will be dedicated to my insight on seduction and how you can use it to your advantage. This blog is the base of all my conversations and I’ve noticed that once people know this about themselves, they tend to pay attention more to what they want in their sexual life and they also learn how to navigate other relationships, whether they are sexual or not. Don’t worry; I’m working on a book. Here goes:

Most communication is non-verbal. Apparently, when you talk to someone, the total impact of the message is influenced in 3 ways: 7% of what you say, 38% on how you say it, and 55% on the gestures that you make while saying it, according to various studies and books. Feel free to search that. I found multiple sources citing the same info, so I’m not really sure where it all originated.

For me, that doesn’t say much. It makes sense, but that’s not everything. You really have to understand what type of learner that person is to understand the depths of communication, as well as what type of learner you are.

There are 3 types of learners: Audio (ears), Visual (eyes), and Kinesthetic (touch).

You can connect to people based on these specific qualities. Audio people will remember information just by what you say and how you say it. To communicate with an audio learner, try to be witty with your speech or say alluring words. Also, use inflections if you ever want to see them again. A visual person will listen to the information by the gestures you use while you’re talking. To connect with them, use a lot of hand movements and if you’re telling stories, make sure you give specific visual details and paint a picture with your words. To get a kinesthetic person to listen to something you say, touch them while you’re talking to them. They will listen to what you say based on how you touched them. It’s also possible to be a combination of two or more – the more ways you can learn, the better!

So how do you know what type of learner a person is? It’s simple:

An audio person

  • Likes to talk a lot (the main one) and be on the phone

  • Loves music and knows every word to most songs

  • Will remember everything you say, word for word, and will always have a response

  • Likes to get the last word in

  • Is distracted by noise or sound

A visual person

  • Daydreams a lot

  • Has a creative imagination

  • Likes shiny objects and spectacular visual effects

  • Is distracted by movement or messiness

A Kinesthetic person

  • Moves around a lot

  • Likes to touch everything

  • Prefers a lot of action or activities

  • Is distracted by activity happening around them

As of this moment, I’m a visual and kinesthetic person. As far as being visual, I tend to space out if something triggers an idea in my head, I love glitter and shiny objects and am totally fascinated by spectacular lighting. If the house is really messy, I have to clean up before I can start on a project and if something spectacular walks in the room, I will surely notice. As a kinesthetic person, I will listen to you if you are touching me somehow (most of the time), I like to be involved in any action or activities, I like to touch other people (most of the time) and if there’s more than one thing happening, I’m easily distracted. Knowing these things about myself help me to stay focused because I can recognize when I’m distracted and get back on track. Knowing these things about other people help me to communicate to them better and connect with them easily.

No wonder people are always telling me about their sex lives.

Now, of course some folks might be limited on their ability, so don’t think of these things as a totally permanent fixture on your personality. Like most things it can be fluid and change from time to time. It’s important to recognize the moment that you’re in and take advantage as necessary; especially, when it comes to the Power of Seduction©. Stay tuned for Part Two.

[Picture below: “I love you so much, I will even talk to you on the phone.]

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