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7 Things You Need For Great Sex

Today, on the How We Talk About Sex podcast, Eric asked me a really great question and I thought it would be the perfect blog to write. He asked me, “What constitutes great sex?”

I really loved this question because it helped me realize a few things that are majorly important when it comes to having an incredible and fulfilling sex life. These 7 things are essential into having the sex life that you desire and deserve and having these things will always be helpful when it comes to your sexual future.

  • Communicate Your Desires. Tell your partner(s) what you like and what you don’t like. Is there something new that you want to try? What brings you pleasure? What makes you happy when it comes to sex? It’s good for you to talk with your partner(s) because it helps with a layer of intimacy that can be great for you and your partner(s).

  • Be Vulnerable. This is easy for some folks, but not so easy for other folks. Being vulnerable takes a lot of practice, but most of all, it takes faith. You want to be able to be yourself and trust in yourself that you can let someone in to the most intimate parts of yourself.

  • Trust Your Partner(s). In addition to trusting yourself, you need to be able to trust the partner(s) that you’re with. You need to be able to know that they are going to do what they say they are going to do. You need to trust that they are wanting to give you pleasure just as much as you want to give them pleasure.

  • Know Why You’re Having Sex. Some folks have sex just to have sex. A lot of women have altruistic or compliant sex and it’s not healthy; mostly because it’s not consensual. It doesn’t matter what reason why you are having sex, you just need a reason that feels good to you and that aligns with your desires and needs.

  • Ensure An Unselfish Partner or Partners. There’s nothing that’s more of a turn-off than a partner or partners who are selfish. Someone who is only into sex because they need to get off or do what they desire turns off a lot of people Someone who is willing to share the experience in a way that feels healthy and understand you sexually is priceless. Having a partner who is willing to cater to your needs and give you the pleasure that you desire should definitely be a priority.

  • Be Creative! Many of my clients come to me because they find their sex life boring and don’t know what to do about it. Being creative and innovative with your sex life should be something that’s always on your mind. Remember my blog about paying your sex bill? That is what this is all about. Find different things that titillate you and share in as many as erotic activities as possible.

  • Know Your Partner’s Seduction/Learning Style. How does your partner learn/get seduced? What is your partner’s love language? Knowing these things can enhance your sex life, ten-fold. Recently, I did some sex coaching with this couple and they were both audio learners, but silent during sex. This created sexual tension in their relationship. Because I noticed what kind of learners they were, they were able to get back on track and use moaning to their advantage.

Keeping these things in mind will ensure you to having an amazing and wonderful sex life.

Catering to your partner’s needs, succumbing to your personal needs, and realizing that you can have an extraordinary sexual experience will only foster your sexual growth as an individual.

Cheers to your sexual success!

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