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5 Ways to Change Your Masturbation Style!

“You can do it, put your back into it.” — Ice Cube

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During this time of COVID-19, we have a lot of people who are at home in isolation and the business of sex work is on the up and up. Webcam models, porn stars, and other sex workers are seeing a spike in their sales, and it’s all because of you! With that said, I want you to keep it up and keep paying folks who are in the sexuality field that are helping you to make it through these confusing times.

Since you might be engaging more in masturbation these days, this is the time to take your time and switch up your masturbation style. The thing about masturbation is when we get into our masturbation routine, we tend to do the same things over and over again because we know it works. The bad thing about that is that we limit ourselves and don’t get creative with other ways to masturbate. We’ve always heard that “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And yes, achieving orgasm with your masturbation style is great, but there’s always room for improvement and getting to know yourself just a little bit more!

Here are some things that you can do to add to your masturbation repertoire, if you’re able:

1. Use more lube.

Lube is always going to be your friend. Some of us might use little or no lube when we masturbate, so using more lube than usual will give your genitals a different kind of feeling. Use your usual hand to try the same techniques you always do to observe and feel the feeling. You can also use your fingers on your genitals in a different way to see where it leads you. Try light touches, circular strokes, figure 8’s, or increase pressure or tightness. Even trying a new rhythm can help you invoke a new sexual and personal experience.

2. Use your other hand.

If you find yourself using the same hand over and over again, maybe it’s time to try your other hand! If you’re not ambidextrous, take the time to get your hand coordination under control (remember, it might take more than one time of practice), close your eyes, and feel where the pleasure zones are the most appealing. Again, try using light touches, increase pressure, circular strokes, and other waves of movement to target your favorite zones.

3. Activate a new sex toy.

In these days, it’s easy to order a new toy online and receive it a few days later. With the anticipation of the new toy, think about all the different ways that you will be able to incorporate the toy into your masturbation practice. Fantasize about how you can use it by yourself or with a lover. When you get the sex toy, convert those thoughts into practices where you can proceed to engage in all the different ways you imagined. However, make sure that you release your expectations and embrace the sexual experience.

4. Change your position.

If you masturbate on your back, try masturbating on your stomach. If you masturbate standing up, try masturbating sitting down. If you are a grinder and you’re used to masturbating on top of pillows, try rubbing and putting pressure on your genitals via a couch arm or mattress corner. If you aren’t a shower masturbator, try masturbating in the shower. Try masturbating on the floor or in a chair. Whatever you aren’t used to doing, this is the time to try to see what works for you.

5. Use variations in your erotica.

During this time, if you are used to being on your computer or phone and watching free porn, maybe it’s about that time to change it up and use other forms of erotica, such as reading it, listening to an erotic audiobook, listening to an erotic mp3, having real-time interaction with webcam models, having phone sex, or interacting erotically with a lover via webcam.

All of these practices are fantastic ways to get your libido acclimated to different kinds of orgasms and expanding your mental and physical awareness in your body. Knowing more about your body will help your lover(s) learn more about you, so this can only be to your advantage when it comes to engaging and indulging in your personal pleasure.

Cheers to your sexual success!

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