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5 Easy (And Sexy) Ways to Get Intimacy In During the Holidays (For Lovers)

Let's get excited!

We all know that it gets real stressful during the holidays (if you celebrate them, of course).  There’s the management of money to make sure that you have enough to buy gifts, food, and decorations, along with making sure that your house is perfect and that you have everything you need.

One of the things that gets left by the wayside is the bonding and intimate sexual moments.  Because you might have extended family in the house or a bunch of kids are running around, the opportunity to have some real private time can be thwarted.  It’s the little moments that count, so here’s 5 easy things that you can do with a lover during the maddening holiday season.

Take the time to kiss each other often.

I know this doesn’t seem like much, but many kisses can help you go a long way if there’s too much chaos. Our lips are our number one erogenous zone and because there’s a nerve ending that connects our lips to our genitals, it’s easy to see why people make the same noises when they’re eating and when they’re having sex. Giving many kisses can also help with the release of various hormones that help us to stay connected, so this is a sure way to relieve tender moments of incredible stress.

Take a walk around the block.

Some of us love to overeat (and overdrink!) during the holidays and sometimes that can really take a toll on our self-esteem, our diet plan, our exercise goals, and whatever else. To avoid feeling shitty about how much you ate or drank, take a little walk around the block (or three!) with your lover, hand-in-hand. During these moments, you can take the time to talk about what’s been good, what’s been frustrating, or you can spend it in silence, just to have a little “us” time.

Ensure the quickie.

If you and your lover are into quickies, make up a code phrase where you both know when and where to go to meet up. For example, I had a lover in the past go “I need my medicine.” The medicine was my vulva in her mouth and that usually meant that I had to drop what I was doing and get that handled. For you and your lover, it could just be a simple phrase, such as “Honey, did you find those stamps?” while your honey goes and “looks” for them, you can go and “check on them” to make sure they know where to go. 😉 You can agree to meet in the bathroom, in the closet, or briefly go in your bedroom and lock the door!

Grab them by the booty

Yes, in public, yes, in private. Provided that this relationship is based on consensual non-consent, grabbing them by the booty is one of the best ways to be bawdy and share a look and some laughter. You might even get that lip pucker and booty toot-up that’s so cute on your lover!

Get in your 20-second hug!

Getting your 20-second hug in ensures the release of the hormone oxytocin which enables you to emotionally bond with your partner. Try to get this in at least once every day to safeguard your positive health. For an added bonus (and an extra energy zing), make sure that you are pelvis-to-pelvis!

Remember, during this holiday season there’s always something you can do to create intimacy with your lover that will help you relieve some stress and stay emotionally connected, despite the ruckus.

Cheers to your sexual success!

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