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Love Is An Action

Love is making the effort over and over and over again…

Photo bynappy.cobywillpower A lot of us go around in this world thinking about how we love the folks that surround us and support us. We especially think about love and how it pertains to our relationships, whether they are platonic or romantic. Some of us even think that love is limited and that we shouldn’t tell everyone that we love them because people might get things misconstrued. Some of us think that love is abundant and that it is in (almost) everyone we meet.

All of us are right. The fact of the matter is, love is an action. Some people say that love is a verb and I believe that wholeheartedly. Love is something you do. Yes, love is something that you have, but ultimately, you do things for the folks that you love.

When I tell people that I love them, it’s an oath that I will do anything that they need from me.

Love is dedication to the person you love. Love is commitment towards the action, whether you want to do it or not. Some of us think of love as a sacrifice; but as long as it isn’t harmful, I believe that it’s perfectly okay. For instance, my fiancé loves to run. I don’t like running at all, unless I have a ball in my hand. But do I run because she wants me to? Of course I do. I do it because I’m dedicated to her. I do it because I know that she would like it and it would bring her joy. I do it because I like to be the cause of her joy. I sacrifice my dislike for running for the joy it brings her because it brings joy to me to bring joy to her!

Love sometimes can be the tiniest things. It can be helping with the chores or turning off the light before bed when your lover is too lazy to do it. Love is the little kisses we give on the forehead or holding hands when you’re on date. Love is using your energy to give what you can and even a little extra in bed. Love is about conjuring the spoons (or energy) out of the universe and giving it the very last hurrah you have.

Love is making the effort, over and over and over again.

So here are the questions that you have to ask yourself and the people around you:

What effort do I make when it comes to my partner? What do I do on an every day basis that my partner enjoys/would enjoy? What effort does my partner put toward me and our relationship? What does my partner do on an every day basis that makes me happy? What can they do in the future that would make me happy? How can I plan to make my partner happy/happier in the future?

Love is about the end game. What are the tools that you are going to use to put your love into action?

Cheers to your sexual success!

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