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Kissing Is An Art Form

PDA’s? Yes, please.

I’m a huge fan of people being affectionate in public. I think it’s the most endearing and sweet thing and it’s definitely one of things that brings me joy. Seeing people kiss on the television screen is great, but actually viewing them in real time in real life is an example of pure pleasure that experienced by the person doing the act and the one viewing the act. Kissing is an art form because there are so many things that can go into a kiss. If you aren’t kissing your lover(s) every time they are around, this is a time to ask yourself “why not?” What is it that you have to lose? Yes, some folks may not be used to affection, whether that’s environmental or not, but the fact of the matter is, we need these moments of affection to feel connected. Kissing not only helps with serotonin and endorphins, that our body needs to elevate our mood, it also helps with boosting dopamine that

regulates our sexual desire. Photo by Sabina Tone on Unsplash But it’s just not about the kiss itself, but rather what’s going on with your body when you kiss. For example, when you kiss a friend, a child, or some other familial or platonic relationship, we tend to turn our heads and kiss to the left. And this is just not an American thing. It’s actually quite universal. Many studies have tried to explain it, but honestly, it can come down to a variety of biological influences. Often times, it’s quite easy to spot someone in public and see whether or not they are romantically involved or not. Now, some of us more affectionate (and probably highly sexual) people, we tend to want to kiss other people on the mouth. Kissing folks (who are not a romantic partner) on the mouth do signify a closeness that not all people will understand. It’s a kind of closeness that is sexually and flirtatiously intimate, but allows for sexual tension to ebb and flow with ease. But what’s most important is how you feel about kissing, which might tell something about yourself. For romantic lovers, passionate and deep kissing can mean some things. When you are dedicated to how you are going to kiss someone, there’s thought that goes into it. It’s a dance with the lips and body that makes for a unique and pleasurable experience. Some evolutionary psychologists suggest that kissing is the way that we find people to partner with and can be a clue on whether we are genetically compatible. Either way, we know that kissing is a way to help predict our sexual chemistry with someone. Remember that time when you kissed someone and it stopped you from going further because their kiss was so terrible? Oh…you kept going out with them, right? You were hoping for something to change and in the end, you should have went with that first initial kissing instinct. We all go through this, especially for us optimists who think that we shouldn’t break up with someone based on their bad kissing behavior. Now, sometimes, you can teach someone if they are willing to learn, but if they aren’t, consider that a wrap and move on to someone who is more compatible with your palate. Kissing is an art form because you can make something elegant and beautiful or raw and carnal or simple and cute. Sometimes, you try to make something beautiful with your lips and it ends up being ugly and awful. Like a painting, sometimes, it’s best to just start over. Take the time this week to be purposeful about kissing and kiss your lover(s) often. Notice how your body feels and ask them about how they are feeling when they kiss you. Ask how you can be a better kisser (which, in turn, will help you to be a better lover, in general) and then implement it as soon as possible. Center your pleasure in kissing and feel the joy with every motion and movement. Cheers to your sexual success!

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