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How Alcohol Can Help Your Sex Life

As a bartender for the last 9 years and studying sexuality for the last 14 years, I’ve learned so much between the correlation of alcohol and your sex life. When navigated carefully, you can have a great time; but navigated poorly, it can ultimately be disastrous. I mean, I know I’m not the only one who fell asleep whilehaving sex. 😉 ​There are definite advantages when it comes to having a drink or two. If you have a drink or two, it can relax you. It might be easier with your guard a little down and a little less uptight or anxious (if that’s your normal state). Having a drink also helps you into the realm of assurance; really believing that you can do whatever you set your mind out to do in that moment. They don’t call it “liquid courage” for nothing, right? In addition to alcohol relaxing you and giving you the confidence that you need, it actually has benefits physically & mentally. First, it can make you do things that you thought weren’t possible. Is it that super complex yoga move that you saw on television that you thought you would try, or is it some dirty talk phrase that you thought you could only say in your head? In addition, ingesting alcohol makes your juices taste better. With the extreme sugar content of alcohol, oral sex can be pleasant for the giver. It’s a perfect excuse for you to have a glass, get flirty and convince a lover that you need a little oral satisfying. ​My personal favorite is ingesting red wine. It turns out that having a glass of red wine a day helps your heart in the long run because of all the antioxidants and lessen the instances of heart disease as you age. Now, there’s no official suggestion amount because people’s tolerances are different and dependent on body size/density and if you have had any food in your system for absorption. As a bartender, I could easily detect when someone was at their limit depending on their body type (and how often they came to see me at the bar). I often noticed that their confidence would go sky high and they oozed with sexiness over time; talking to strangers, flirting and my personal favorite, spending more money. ​Besides all these great benefits, it’s been documented (check out Think & Grow Rich) that having a drink or two helps you to realize things or expand your potential. Of course, it’s not the best vibrational energy (in fact, it’s the lowest), but it is an energy that can manifest your decisions quickly, whether good or bad. ​The realization here is that using alcohol can be a great thing; but excessiveness can ruin your experiences. Everything in moderation, right? ​Besides, even Jesus knew the value of a great red wine…

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