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3 Amazing Period Sex Hacks!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always trying to find a shortcut to some things and one of those, of course, is definitely around sex. When I’m teaching my classes, I always try to give away a few of my sex hacks and I always ask the audience if they have any of their own; mainly because sharing is caring, and if we can make life a little bit easier for each other, I’m all about it! Not having sex on my period is not an option for me, so however we can work on the situation so that it’s pleasurable for everyone, the better life will be. So, keep these sex hacks handy next time you or your lover’s period comes around.

Sex Hack #1 – Use the blood as lube!

Okay- for some of you, you’re like, “duh!” and then for some of you other folks, you’re probably like “gross!” This is for the folks who don’t mind period blood or are turned on by blood or period blood. I’m not squeamish about blood and I’ve had many partners who didn’t mind, as well, so it worked out just fine. Just make sure that you put a dark towel down, use a mattress cover, or a large puppy pad down so that you don’t have to clean up a big mess! You can also just have sex in the shower to have an automatic clean-up process!

Sex Hack #2 – Use a sponge to soak it up! [Updated]

If you still want to have penetrative sex, but you don’t want to possibly get blood on anything, you can always just soak it up! You know I wrote about this briefly when I found sex tampons (small, pink, circular sponges) in Toronto and quickly brought the box back to Georgia, ready, and eager to use. However, I came across a blog stating that you could use cosmetic sponges. Unfortunately, it’s not true. When I originally wrote this blog, there was someone who was using cosmetic sponges and I was impressed, but after a friend of mine showed me an article, it turns out that those aren’t a healthy option. It looks like you are going to have to buy from another country if you want to experience sponges that are body safe. And if you experience that it’s hard to get out, try Luna’s tip to tie a dental string around it so that you can pull or hook your finger on it. If anyone tries this before I do, please let me hear your story!

Sex Hack #3 – Perfect your outercourse!

Although most of us love some intercourse and go straight to that (hopefully, after some foreplay), some of us don’t have enough outercourse (or even know what it is!). Outercourse, can be a great option for you, if you or your partner has a visit from Aunt Flow. If you have a penis, you can rub between the ass cheeks or breasts (if they’re big enough) until you cum. If you have a vulva, you can rub up on your lover’s thigh or have them massage your vulva until you orgasm (having an orgasm during your period can help to relieve cramps!). Don’t forget – oral and anal sex are still up for grabs, so you can still use the first or second hack to engage with this hack!

Remember, for some of us, not having sex when we’re on our period is not an option, so however you can make this a seamless and easy experience for all that are involved, the greater it will be!

Cheers to your sexual success!

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