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Why Cuddling and Sex Go Together…

“Even the memory of cradling her in my arms is pure euphoria. And all that I ask out of life is that it be constant and unending euphoria.” ― Roman Payne

I don’t know about you, but one of the best feelings in the world is to cuddle and being cuddled. Whether it is by a lover, a friend, or just hugging your pillow close, cuddling is one of the best ways to help you feel better.

So what is cuddling? Cuddling is where you place your body next to someone or something and you are touching, sharing affection, and possibly emanating some kind of love/lust/like. You can cuddle with a person, you can cuddle with a pet, and you can cuddle with an inanimate object such as a pillow or your favorite blanket.

But why should we cuddle? Because it feels good! There are so many health benefits to cuddling. Cuddling can help ease our everyday stresses because it releases our happy hormone, oxytocin. This helps you to lower your blood pressure and over time, it can lower your levels of cortisol. If you’re feeling some kind of pain, the release of oxytocin helps to relieve that pain. In fact, doctors have duplicated oxytocin in labs so that they can treat their patients with this hormone. Cuddling has also been known to increase your immune system to fight against viruses; particularly if you are being cuddled by someone you know.

If you have a lover(s), cuddling helps to foster that love between you all. Since cuddling releases oxytocin, it has been known as the “love hormone” and in research, it’s cited as being the hormone that is responsible for monogamy. Couples who tend to cuddle and kiss often tend to lead healthier and happier lives in their relationship. However, it’s best to know if they are a good match before you go and keep cuddling because oxytocin also interacts with dopamine, which is our reward hormone (and another happy hormone). If a person isn’t a good match for you and you keep doing the cuddling and the kissing, this could cause you to be addicted to the person; and breaking an addiction is very difficult to do.

Cuddling also helps you to sleep, so winding down for bedtime can go a lot easier when you’re spooning a lover or a pillow.

It also helps to decrease anxiety and depression, so if you’re feeling some type of way, increasing your intimacy with a prolonged cuddle session is going to do you some major good.

Do cuddling and sex go together!? They absolutely do go together! What’s cool about oxytocin is that it also increases testosterone, and essentially makes us more horny! A study found that even though people perceived cuddling as non-sexual, that cuddling with a sexual partner increased the likelihood of sexual intimacy. So if you want to score more with a lover, it might be best to cultivate the relationship and intimacy through cuddling. Then once you do that, you can move into different sexual positions based on if your lover is an avid cuddler.

Need a place to cuddle? Find a place that is comfortable for you, like a bed, a couch, or maybe even a comfortable floor. Add blankets (the softer the better!) and pillows and other soft items like stuffed animals that make you smile. Feeling good is the goal, so making it as comfortable as possible is your best bet.

Want a person to cuddle with? Hire a professional cuddler! They are all across the states and overseas, and a quick search will help you to find a person that is right for you. Velvet Lips offers cuddle work, as well, so if you need someone to cuddle with, feel free to contact us.

January 6th is National Cuddle Up Day, so don’t forget to get your cuddles in!

Cheers to your sexual success!

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