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If you own a penis, it's happened to you. If not it's probably happened to someone you care about. Don't lie. Sometimes it's just temporary. Perhaps you had a little too much to drink or had an exhausting, stressful week. For others, it's an ongoing problem. Regardless, if it's impacting how you enjoy life, it's a real problem. The first step in curing ED is to learn how an erection works. The medical community classifies the penis as an organ. So how does this organ function and what causes this organ to fail. Then comes the really important question, how can it be prevented or fixed. Yes! For all those who are young and invincible, you can take action now to prevent this later in life. Even if you aren't a spring chicken and didn't make all the healthy decisions in your youth, there's still action you can take now that really works. If you own a penis and enjoy using it, this class was written for you.

The Luna's ED, It’s Happened to Everyone

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