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We help you create the sex life you've always wanted.

Hi!  I'm Marla, the owner of Velvet Lips.  I'm excited that you came to visit this website to see what we can help you with.  We have coaching services, workshops, and other goodies to ensure that you are leading a sex life that feels wonderful to you.  

Let us help you attain the sex life you deserve!

What Can We Do For You?

We offer a wide variety of services that can help you with your sex life.  Feel free to pick which service would be best for you!

Therapy & Coaching

If you want to get more out of our sexual life and open yourself up to more sexual possibilities, but just don’t know how to do it, our relationship and/or sex coaching will help you get to where you need to be in order to have a fulfilling sexual life.

Workshops & Events

Our workshops are designed to encourage dialogue and movement in a sex-positive atmosphere. From individual series to sexuality seminars, we want to help you get to know yourself, discover the latest & greatest sexual topics, and techniques to build your sexuality arsenal.

Sexy Mood Boosters

Do you just need some sexy thoughts to put in your head?  Are you a person that needs some erotic stimulation that goes beyond the usual free stuff you've been relying on?  These mood boosters may be the thing you need to get your orgasm in a good place.


After working with our professionals, you will

Gain Sexual Confidence

Are you inexperienced and don’t know how to approach a possible sexual experience?  Or have you been in a long-term relationship and have lost some of your mojo and want to get it back?  Whatever the case may be, we can help you get on the right track to help you build up your sexual confidence so that you can take advantage of all the sexual possibilities around you.  Enhance your sexual life with poise and embrace your own sexual tenacity!

Enhance Your Sex Skills

Have you learned the basics of sex, but would like to know more?  Enhancing your sex skills should be at the top of your list when it comes to embodying your own sexual pleasure.  Learn everything between the basics to advanced sexual skills that will keep your lover coming back for more.  From teasers to pleasers, we have the perfect enhancement skills for all your body parts, as well as your lover’s.

Communicate & Seduce Better

Do you and your lover have a hard time communicating your needs to one another?  Have you been having the same arguments over and over again?  Not only can we help you with how to have more meaningful and productive conversations, we can help you focus in on your lover’s Seduction Learning Style and assist you in sexually connecting (and re-connecting) to your lover in new ways.  Break those old habits of communication and foster seduction techniques that will surely help you get the sex life you deserve.

Trusted by Companies, Universities, & Organizations
Throughout The World


Let's Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level

Better Orgasms

"I learned so much about my body.  We were in a safe environment where I felt comfortable to touch myself and explore my sensuality.  I’ve had better orgasms ever since!"


Atlanta, GA

One of the Best Decisions We've Made

"With Marla's coaching we were able to create a space for open communication about sex on a deeper level. Her easy-going personality made us feel comfortable to share our thoughts without judgement. The homework that she assigned kept us accountable, motivated and inspired to be better people and ultimately a better couple."

Michelle M.

Sports Coach

Los Angeles, CA

More Passion & Love

"Your workshop was absolutely amazing. My partner and I are still using the techniques learned and it has taken our sexuality to a greater level. Even more it has brought us closer together in our trust and communication. Just those few techniques have been a key to more passion and love in our relationship."


Nurse Practitioner

Charlotte, NC

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