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Business Administration: Concentration in Marketing

The concentration in Marketing is offered as part of the bachelor-level Business Administration program at Warren National University for the purpose of providing professionals in the business administration field a focus on marketing. Specifically, it provides focus on the concepts of product planning, pricing and promotion, while teaching competitive advantage and interpersonal communication. The Business Administration with concentration in Marketing students will become equipped with tools such as developing frameworks for strategic marketing plans, persuasion and attitude formation, and sales issues. This program draws together various marketing aspects of business administration from economics, psychology, and sociology, to organizational structure, cost containment, and medical informatics.

The Bachelor of Science Management Information Systems degree program at Warren National University focuses on the development, maintenance and management of information systems. Development and maintenance of systems in management for write my capstone paper control of the business enterprise are explored at all program levels. Coursework in management of the ensuing systems is explored more fully in the Master of Science degree program.

The goal of the undergraduate program at Warren National University is to give the students both short- and pay for paper long-term practical applications of learning by instructing them in the maintenance and development of certain systems.

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