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Vulva 101

Although we talk a lot about the vulva, I’ve noticed when I talk to women and men, they often don’t even know all the parts of the vulva, even when it’s their own! Not only is it my job to educate and empower individuals with the knowledge that they can have for a lifetime, but it’s my job to explain everything that the vulva is capable of and how its beauty is addictive to those who are fans. However, since it’s a brief 101, we’re only going to cover the basics very briefly. If you should have a question about a certain part, please feel free to email me!

​Let’s start from the bottom and go to the top:

The anus– Although the anus is not part of the vulva, it’s a very important part. It has many nerve endings and can facilitate in pleasure if done in the correct way. You can also access the G-Spot through the anus. Remember to prepare the anus ahead of time for the most pleasurable results.

The perineum– This is the area that is between the anus and the vaginal canal; one of the entrances into the vulva. It is also an erogenous zone and on the other side of the perineum is the pelvic floor (which, if you are doing your Kegel exercises, you should know what these feel like).

The vaginal canal/opening– One of the best things about the vulva is the entrance to the vaginal canal. The pleasure that comes with just touching the entrance can be a titillating experience. Remember, the mucous membranes of the vaginal canal can feel pleasurable when touched, so take your time and explore that area.

Urethral opening – In addition to urine, ejaculate (which has the consistency of water) will come from this opening. When the G-Spot is stimulated, the ability to ejaculate is available and come with or without orgasm. It is also located in the mucus membrane right above the vaginal opening, but before the clitoris. It is an extremely tiny hole and easy to miss, but can be seen by the human eye!

Inner and outer labia – Outside of the mucus membrane, you have the inner labia. Outside of the inner labia is the outer labia. The purpose of the labia is to protect the urethral and vaginal opening. The labia range in size, shape and are not always symmetrical.

Clitoris & clitoral hood– Right above the urethral opening is the clitoris. It can range in size and can be as small as the tip of a pinky or as large as a thumb. It may or may not be covered by the clitoral hood, which is designed to protect the clitoris and the nerve endings. Particularly, with people who have higher testosterone levels, the clitoris tends to be bigger. In addition, the clitoris’ only function is pleasure.

Mons pubis – Above the clitoris is the mons pubis. You can press down on the mons pubis to stimulate the G-Spot. The function of the mons pubis is to protect the inner organs and it also secretes pheromones after puberty. The fatty tissue that develops over the pubic bone also acts as protection during sexual interaction.

​Now that you have your 101 information for the vulva, stay tuned next week for penis 101!


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