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Today is the Day.

Today is the day to ask for what you want in life.

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Every year, we think about our new year resolutions and what we want to achieve. For me, I get a high volume of calls right before the new year that are primarily concerned about their sex life going into the new year. Previously, I have told people how they should go into their new year, along with how to uphold their sexual resolutions, but this year, there’s only thing that came to me. Today is the day.

If you’re like me, you think about long-term goals and you think about what you can do to ensure perfection in everything you do. You think about how you want to improve your life, your health, your relationship, your family, your spirituality, and anything else that you deeply care about. If you’re like me, you write a list of the million things that you have to do, download all the self-improvement books, and start to stress at the beginning of the year because like last year, it flew by so quickly that you don’t want to miss a beat of this new decade. Today is the day. As consumers, we feed into the things that we hope to achieve and we try to bring upon ourselves new habits and constructive ways of being. As a sexologist and sex educator and coach, I encourage people to meditate, masturbate, hydrate, move, and maintenance (of the pelvic floor, that is). I want people to be the best versions of themselves and what it all comes down is to today. Today is the day. Today is the day to start whatever it is that you want to start or want to achieve. If you have a list of a million things like I do, pick 3 that you want to accomplish just TODAY. And start with those. What are you saying “yes” to? When you’re saying “yes” to those three things, know that you are saying “no” to the things that aren’t as important to you at this time. And that’s perfectly okay. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, but the most important day to shape your future is today. TODAY. Today is the day that makes all the difference for how you’ll feel tomorrow. The decisions you make in this moment will motivate you for the future. Remember, it’s important to give yourself positive affirmation and even if you don’t achieve the things that you did for that day, that’s perfectly okay. You made the attempt and that’s a beautiful thing, too. Sometimes, we don’t know our limits and this is the only way to figure that out. Either way, know that today is the day to get it started. TODAY IS YOUR DAY. Cheers to your (sexual) success!

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