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Penis 101

Since I’ve made it very clear for everyone that the vulva is very important because of all its wonderful and magical parts, I figured that it’s the penis’ turn to get some action on this blog. They’ve waited long enough.

​There are so many different parts of the penis and and each part is as enjoyable as the next, so embrace the 101 knowledge and put it in your arsenal.

​Again, we are going to start from the bottom and go to the top!

Anal Opening – Through the anus, we can access the prostate gland, aka The P-spot, where men can derive pleasure. Stimulating this spot through any sort of penetration allows a man to ejaculate and experience orgasm. So, if you haven’t had a chance to experience this yet, I encourage you to try it!

Perineum – This is the gap between the anus and the scrotum, which is also an erogenous zone. Using light touches and touching it in different ways can lead to a very unique and different experience. It should be used to incite foreplay if you are going to penetrate the anus.

Scrotum– The scrotum contains the testes where semen is located and sperm developed. They hang off the body because they need to be slightly cooler than the temperature on the body in order for the sperm to be fully functioning. They are ridged and analogous with the labia majora. Many men like them to be fondled during foreplay and sex as a relaxing factor.

Shaft– The stroke of the shaft is something we’ve processed as an automatic happening. During arousal, it becomes erect, filling with blood. Sometimes you are a show-er and sometimes you are a grower. The shaft also contains the urethra where urine and semen/sperm flow through. Massaging the shaft is relaxing and arousing and should be involved during most play. Foreskin also wraps the shaft and head if uncircumcised.

Glans– AKA “the head of the penis” sits at the top of the shaft and it has the most nerve endings throughout the whole penis. Because of its sensitivity, you have to take special care and give it the full attention that it needs. This is where urine flows out of and semen/sperm ejaculate out of. Teasing the glans can be extremely pleasurable to both parties and if you want to last longer, try different techniques like edging while breathing to be more aware of your glans sensitivity.

Now that you know the basics, do your best to discover ALL of the different parts and see how you can build your sex arsenal from there! …Or just look back here every week! 😉

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