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3+ Ways to Stimulate Your Senses Through Sensory Deprivation

Blindfolds are just the beginning…

There are a lot of different responses when it comes to sensory deprivation. Some folks have never heard of sensory deprivation before, while the kinksters are all too familiar with what might entail their version of sensory deprivation. The fact is, anyone can be an all-star in bed and can spice up their sex life, just by doing a few things that will heighten someone’s pleasure. A lot of folks know that using a blindfold during sex can intensify the pleasure, mostly because we know that our other senses are going to “make up” for the lost sense. When I did a kink workshop, there were a bunch of deaf folks who experienced intense pleasure when I spanked and choked them and explained to me that their sense of touch was already heightened because of their deafness. For those of us who aren’t as fortunate to have this experience, we can make it up in other ways. 1) Blindfolds for your eyes. Almost everyone probably has a blindfold in some way or another. Whether it is a scarf or sleep/eye mask or a bandanna, there are plenty of options for you to shut down the sense of sight for your lover. The thing is, most people think that the blindfold should only be relegated to the bedroom, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can blindfold them during dinner to help enhance the taste of your food/cooking. You can blindfold them in the car before you take them on a spectacular date. You can blindfold them somewhere in your house where you can makeshift a pervertable (a household item that you’ve made kinky) to use on them. Let’s not limit ourselves when it comes to our pleasure because using these things outside of the bedroom will foster an experience that will be spectacular inside the bedroom. 2) Ear plugs for your ears. This is probably one of the most challenging types of sensory deprivation. Folks who get seduced by sound will really be tortured with even the thought of ear plugs, but if you can convince your lover to try it, this might take them on a whole new experience they’ve never had. Most folks don’t think of earplugs as a sex toy, but the fact of the matter is, anything can be used as a sex toy, even earplugs. The goal of this type of sensory deprivation is to be as quiet as you can, eliminating music, outside sounds (get your kids out of the house!), and other auditory distractions. For the folks who are auditory, they will try to crack the silence with their voice. This is where you have to manage the interaction. Stuffing their mouth with a sock or cloth (pervertable) or having a ball gag handy might be helpful when trying to eliminate the sounds they want to create for themselves. In addition, you can make sure that there’s a consequence for every sound they make (for all the sadists out there), but make sure that you say the consequences before you put the earplugs in! 3) Restraints for limbs. Most of us are familiar with wrist restraints and if you don’t have a fancy pair laying around, you can (again) use scarfs, leggings, neckties (no icepicks, though), long-sleeve shirts, or any other item that you can stretch, tie and restrain. If you know how to use rope to tie someone up, this is your chance to show off those scout skills or show your lover what a Shibari master you are. And again, this doesn’t have to be in the bedroom. Think about restraining them to a chair before you feed them their favorite meal and watch them squirm as you tease and tantalize them with every bite. Ask for a fun playdate where you practice your rope skills on them during a favorite TV show that you enjoy together. Remember, pleasure comes in many forms and the more you practice outside the bedroom around pleasure, the better you’ll be inside the bedroom. To enhance your experience even more, try two or more of these things and see which senses have a great effect on your lover. To see if their sense of smell is intensified, experiment with different smelling candles or essential oils as you glide it across their body. Make a 5-course meal and have them guess what’s on each dish by smelling it first and then tasting it second. Hover different parts of your body across their nose and see if they can guess what it is and if they do it correctly, they get the privilege of having that body part in their mouth (do you think they can guess what your under-boob smells like?). Make sure that you experiment with different types of touch! Try having them guess what kind of picture you are drawing on their back with your nails or use various instruments like a head massager on their feet to see what kind of stimulation they feel. If you like mint or menthol-related items, you can use this to experiment with temperature on the skin, just by breathing on or blowing out (same can be said for ice, as well). There are so many ways that you can be creative with sensory deprivation. Don’t just stop with one time of trying. Whenever you agree to try something new, try it with enthusiasm and always do something a little different. Sometimes it’s the smallest variations in sex and in our sexualities that can create incredible nuances in our sex lives. In this sense, we can add to our sex databank in our heads about what we enjoyed, how we enjoyed it, and why we enjoyed it, so that we can make sure to do it again at a later date. What are some things that you have done or would like to do when it comes to sensory deprivation? I would love to hear them! Cheers to your sexual success!

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