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3 May Masturbation Tips!

For those of you who have been in the loop, you know that May is Masturbation month! Although we are on the tail end of it, there’s still some days that you can come and take advantage of some helpful masturbation tips that can rock your world!

First and foremost, your brain is your biggest sex organ, so you need to make sure that you arm your brain full of wonderful and creative sexual images that turn you on.

If you have a front-facing vulva, you probably like to masturbate on your stomach and grind on a pillow with some sort of pressure up against your clitoris.

If your vulva is between your legs, you probably like to masturbate on your back. Although I encourage you to use your hands, if you’re unable to, use a vibrator or toy that feels good to you.

When we masturbate, we tend to go through the same routines over and over because we know what works for us. However, during this wonderful masturbation month, I invite you to try a few new things that could expand your masturbation arsenal when you have the time to want to do something different.

  • Use your other hand. Not in the way you probably think. I mean, use your other hand to touch various parts of other erogenous zones such as your nipples, neck, head, and/or butt. Some of us are naturally inclined to use our other hand to touch our other body parts, but some of us get hyper-focused on achieving orgasm that we forget that we can excite our bodies in other ways.

  • Rotate between methods. Are you a flicker or are you a stroker? If you have a penis, are you a fast stroker or do you concentrate on the base or the head? Try rotating your traditional methods with a new method to see if you can extend your orgasm. Extending your orgasm can be really helpful when you want to achieve something that is more full-bodied!

  • Contract your pelvic floor muscles and breathe. Most of the time when we’re masturbating, we don’t think to breathe or contract our muscles; however, this can be extremely helpful to achieve an orgasm that can be pure ecstasy. If you already know how to masturbate to get off within a couple of minutes, breathing deeply and contracting your muscles adds an additional layer to your multi-tasking that can extend that beautiful moment of enlightened bliss.

Overall, I encourage you to do something a little different. When we change, we grow, and when we grow, that means we are learning something new about ourselves that we then can show our lovers.

Cheers to your sexual success!

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